July’s MVP: starting as he means to go on

6 min read by Laura Manning 23 Aug 2023

In the absence of consistent summer sun, we’re lifting the team’s spirits by crowning our latest shining star. Yes, it’s that time of the month – July’s MVP.

For the newcomers among us, every month we slow down agency life to share the personal and professional successes across our team. Championing the hard work and brilliance across all roles, we rate how impactful the work of each individual is and submit our entries for MVP (Most Valuable Player).

As always, we had an amazing spread of nominations and take great pride in sharing some showstoppers:

“I can’t praise Duncan enough for the blood, sweat and tears that he poured into getting David Shepherd’s website over the line and ensuring we had a super smooth launch! It’s probably hard for most to truly appreciate how darn amazing and clever the apps that he has developed for that project are. Thank you Duncan for always going above and beyond and embodying our limitless value, I honestly can’t think of anyone that has ever deserved a duvet day more!”

“It’s been fantastic to watch Amy step up her game over the past few weeks, with her exceptional brand work and some excellently written content pieces across our client base. Amy’s always a delight to work with, and her out-of-the-box thinking and attention to detail make her an invaluable asset to any marketing team. Thanks for all your hard work and support this month Amy, you definitely deserve a duvet day and dinner out.”

“I think James is just an absolute role model in how he approaches everything. So thorough and meticulous. His knowledge, precision and calmness bring so much to projects, clients and teams. No matter what he does – be it closing big sales or scoring big views on TikTok – he brings big value, but seems to do it all with an effortless nature. It could be easy to overlook the massive amounts of hard work that must go in behind the scenes, which is why I’d love to vote James for MVP.”

…but finally, the MVP crown for July 2023 officially goes to:

Dean Shepherd!

Having joined us as a Senior Traffic and Studio Manager for just 6 weeks at the time of MVP entries, this has to be an all-time StrategiQ record for business impact.

Tasked with keeping his finger on the pulse of StrategiQ’s current resource and future capacity at all times, he’s the go-to guy when things need to get done.

“Massive shoutout to Dean who has transformed the way we approach our schedules. I have never felt more assured that all of my upcoming work will be planned in correctly with a solid brief. This is a man that comes into the business, is so friendly and kind to everyone and gets sh*t. done! Let’s go, Dean!”

“I love Dean! He has made a huge contribution in his short time here and always does it with a smile. His calm, can-do attitude and great energy means his impact has been felt through the whole of the business.”

“Since Dean has joined, it has clearly transformed our day-to-day! Whereas before we would worry about priorities and delivering work on time, Dean now takes that pressure off us. This has not only had an impact on my day-to-day workload, it’s also had a positive impact on my mental health not having to stress about work allocation and deadlines, meaning I can concentrate on producing great work! Thank you Dean!”

Congratulations, Dean – we weren’t expecting a holiday request so soon, but enjoy your duvet day and meal out on us!

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