It’s not a Coe-incidence

5 min read by Charles Craik 3 Aug 2020


In what has been an incredibly turbulent, unusual and…. yep, I’m gonna say it… UNPRECEDENTED year all round, we’ve kept going like the stoics we are and weathered the storm as best we can. With a lot of negativity around, it’s super exciting to be able to spread some good news! 

For the first time in a while, we’re welcoming a (sort of) brand new face into the StrategiQ family! This time, we’re saying hey to Sophie Coe, Social Media Executive and old friend of StrategiQ. Let’s find out a little more about Sophie. 

Sophie took her first steps into the marketing world during her degree in English Language and Literature at Oxford University (yep, she’s a smart bean), where she was the president of the Oxford University Advertising Society and ran events with some huge brands, including P&G and Dior. This girl’s got CREDS. 


Sophie also completed work experience at a number of agencies in the Suffolk area during her degree, including an internship at StrategiQ during the summer of 2019. Sophie graduated from Oxford virtually as part of the “Class of Covid-19” with a first-class degree and an academic scholarship. Honestly, where does it stop?? 

Warming up for her role with us, Sophie took over the position of Social Media Director of the UK’s longest-running and unfortunately- named student magazine, The ISIS, which had previously been edited by Nigella Lawson and Sylvia Plath. This helped her brush up her social media skills by launching an ‘InstaZine’ which allowed the mag to publish stories and interviews ‘on the gram’. 

What does Sophie do in her spare time? 

Well, when she has any time outside of being generally awesome, super smart and doing cool shizzle, Sophie is a bit of a bookworm and has recently decided to take a break from her usual of ten books a week. Yep, you read that right. Her other love is fashion, darling. 


Being (only just) a 90s baby, Sophie’s love of fashion came from her first-ever pair of purple cords, which is entirely understandable. Her childhood from then involved dressing up all pretty-like every day, carefully planned outfits and matching accessories as often as possible, which sticks with her to this day. One of her favourite pastimes is shopping second hand and vintage – charity shops and markets are a popular choice for Sophie, not only for the style but also suiting the student budget that she’s been used to for the last few years. 

Alongside a very precise fashion sense, Sophie has also run a number of fashion blogs over the years, which have now all sadly been ‘liberated’ from the internet out of embarrassment, much to our disappointment. Outside of fashion and books, Sophie’s a jazz and neo-soul music fan – she loves attending gigs and live music and is a huge fan of Tom Misch, Michael Kiwanuka and Jorja Smith. 

Why did she choose StrategiQ? 

Sophie was excited to rejoin the team she spent the summer with in 2019: 

“Interning at StrategiQ last summer, I was struck by how kind and friendly everybody was, I didn’t feel like ‘the intern’ but a fully-fledged member of the team. It felt so exciting to be in a dynamic and expanding workspace where everyone was so driven and we were all working towards the same goal. My inner academic also loved StrategiQ’s commitment to training and development. It felt like everyone was encouraged to be the best they can be. So, when the opportunity arose to join full time, I jumped at the chance.” 


We’re really excited to have the opportunity to work with Sophie again, and we’re looking forward to seeing your journey progress with us. Welcome to the family! 

Fancy becoming part of the StrategiQ clan? Take a look at our career opportunities or just get in touch with us – we’re always up for chatting to talented people! 


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