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5 min read by Charles Craik 6 Mar 2023

Elliot Hall

February somehow seems to have flown by, and the time has come to tally up the MVP votes once again.

It’s been a quick month, but certainly not a quiet one, and the StrategiQ gang has been working away behind the scenes like a team of worker bees buzzing around the hive – only producing their own version of that sweet, golden honey: award-winning marketing strategies!

To recap: our MVP initiative runs every month and gives the team the opportunity to nominate one of their colleagues for the effort and dedication they put into their work.

Aside from eternal glory and honour, the winner also earns themselves a duvet day and a night out on the company credit card, so it’s always a good day if your name gets read out!

So, who took it home for February? Let’s take a look at the unbee-lievable number of nominations for the second MVP of the year.

‘The Gandalf of StrategiQ’

When you hear this, there’s only one name that comes to mind.

That’s right – this month’s winner was our very own marketing mastermind, strategy sorcerer and wizard-at-work: Elliot Hall.

Elliot has been an absolute powerhouse of creativity and an undeniable driving force behind so much of StrategiQ’s strongest work recently. Earning himself a whopping 15 votes in total, Elliot seemed to be on everyone’s radar this month – and for good reason.

Here’s what some of his colleagues have said:

“This man is the Gandalf of StrategiQ, wise far past his years. Elliot has been killing it with Bodytalk this month getting tasks done. Not only that, he’s been pivotal in a number of different strategies, but he also manages to find time to help develop other members of the team. Elliot is someone you can come to with a problem, and he will always not only do his best to help, but go the extra mile to make sure that tasks aren’t just complete but are to that award-winning standard.”

“Elliot is involved in so many things at the moment and really is the glue holding a lot of the big projects together. Everybody across the company values his insight and expertise and he is really coming into his own this past couple of months. His logical approach to problems really helps the rest of the team remain calm and focused at the task at hand.”

“Everything Elliot touches turns to gold right now. The level of thinking and value Elliot is applying to his projects is apparent. Truly immersing himself into businesses, understanding the challenges and leading the way on the solutions means that projects are being created with a true sense of purpose from the outset. What the agency is about right? It’s been a lot to manage but Elliot has run straight into the challenge and I hope he now gets the rewards. Really awesome month. Keep up the great work!”

The feedback speaks for itself. A huge well done to Elliot on behalf of all of us at StrategiQ – enjoy your very well-deserved duvet day!

Want to be in with a chance to receive your own MVP nomination like Elliot? Take a look at our vacancies to see what we’re recruiting for right now.

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