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7 min read by Levi Clucas 14 Jul 2020

Somehow we’re past the middle of the year already, we’ve had our Summer Solstice and we’re starting to move out of what feels like a thousand years in lockdown. And with all the change around us, June felt relatively normal, despite still only really seeing each other virtually! We launched some fantastic websites, met new clients, shared knowledge and good news between us and smashed through another month of hard work.

We also crowned a brand new MVP! As reluctant as I was to give up my crown, there were some incredibly deserving candidates for June’s MVP, and as always, it was amazing to hear all the great things that the team have been up to during the month.

That being said, let’s have a look at some of June’s best nominations…

“June comes to its end and it becomes that time again to pick out this month’s company hero. Picking an MVP this month was tricky due to the sheer number of notable achievements by the time and the overall sense of appreciation that appears to be flooding in from our accounts onto the ‘Good News’ board of the impact the team is clearly making on their businesses. With that said my MVP nomination for June goes out to Elliot, although one of the quieter members of the team, his contribution this month has been clear from brilliant client presentations, being part of some awesome strategy teams, to knuckling down and helping with the rest of the team with manual copy entry with zero hesitation and the cool/calm demeanour we’ve all come to expect, great month Elliot!”

“Oli has been critical to StrategiQ for the last few months, but he’s extra deserving of some more recognition this month. He’s been a key part in a number of new large pieces of additional work being signed off, but he’s also maintained an incredibly positive attitude despite challenging circumstances. He’s consistently been a team player and takes time out of his day to teach and help his colleagues to improve, even when he’s stacked. In the last few months especially, he’s also really shown his experience as a rounded marketer. From challenging strategies to making impactful suggestions that nobody else had thought of, he’s really flexing his marketing muscles as well as getting consistently good results in SEO, and has made waves in some of the strategies he’s been involved in. All of that plus having great relationships with clients which can be challenging at times means he really deserves a day off!”


“Adam has moved mountains to be able to turn around copy at literally a moment’s notice on a new client account. I love working with Adam, I know that when I call him he will be honest and truthful about his workload and ability, but also move things around whenever he can – I don’t ever worry when I’m talking to a client that we can’t meet tight deadlines. You’re amazing Adam. Thanks for your support.”

“Emma has balanced commercial thinking and genuine care for our clients in an exceptional way this month. Her drive to consistently communicate with and engage clients new or old has been inspirational to watch. Clients love her to bits not just for her organisation and drive to get s*** done, but now more so because of the outstanding results her and the team are generating. Her proactivity and work ethic has been exceptional and through some pretty tough times – Emma would be a very worthy duvet day winner!”


Such a bunch of talented, hard-working inspirational people we have here at StrategiQ, especially during what many would consider being some pretty tough times. There are some people, however, who don’t work in the same way as the rest of us delivering work and building websites and smashing rankings – and instead, squirrel away quietly in the background, yet form a critical part of the cogs behind the business. These people often go unnoticed as they consistently keep us going without shouting about it or celebrating it as it’s often, to them, just their job.

Well, for June, it was one of these people that worked just as hard as the rest of us, but off in the background that won the MVP award. Our winner is caring, consistent, reliable, joyful and dedicated to what she does and has gotten us through some difficult times over the last few months without a sniff of arrogance or boasting. Our winner for June’s MVP is non-other than Head of Finance Kirsty Fitzgerald!

Here’s just a handful of Kirsty’s Nominations…

“I could vote for Kirsty every month! To say she lives and breathes our values is an understatement. Her work ethic is unbelievable and her drive to making sure work gets done and always being there to help and support is for me the “going above and beyond” and more….. She can be easily overlooked by the wider team as a lot of what she does to add value goes on behind the scenes. We have always been a business that is based on solid foundations and this is why we are where we are today.”

“I’m sure not one day passes where Kirsty is not looking at the P & L and helping us to make the right decisions. She has been a rock throughout the whole time she has been a part of the company but even more so over these last few months whilst she has taken over fully the Head of Finance role but also at a time when managing our finances has been critical to getting us through the challenges of COVID-19. She is deserving of a week off, not just a day off if you factor in the hours she has done whilst homeschooling her children! And may I add that not once has she complained about this, a true inspiration to us all and thank you!”


“Kirsty has been an absolute rock for the company over the last 4 months and has taken her Head of Finance role with ultimate accountability. She’s pushed suppliers and the team to deliver the R&D claim, driven debt to its lowest point, modelled the P&L with expertise endless times and improved our process by working inside and outside of her comfort zone. All this with a smile and genuine enthusiasm for the business and our people. I don’t think we truly understand how lucky we are to have her on the journey with us.”

Kirsty has not only helped StrategiQ weather the Covid storm but she’s also done everything with a smile and the utmost enthusiasm. Congratulations Kirsty and enjoy your day off and dinner on us!!

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