I moustache you, who won MVP?

8 min read by Charles Craik 10 Feb 2020


January was again a busy month at StrategiQ. It’s a time for people to reflect on the past year – a time for evaluation, to make changes (for better or worse) and kickstart the year in good stead. This makes it an especially busy period for marketing agencies and their clients alike.

But thankfully, it is FINALLY February. It’s the month of relationships, pancakes and being able to drink wine again if you’ve had a dry start to the year. What more could you want out of a month? Well, how about a fresh MVP?

January’s MVP is always a special one because everyone’s motivated, determined and ready to smash through the year at full pelt. That means the MVP nominations are particularly good – always extra loaded with puns, heartfelt, soul-pouring compliments and raps, apparently. (As you’ll find out, shortly.)

Let’s dive right in and take a look at some of our favourite nominations for January’s Most Valuable Player…

“This month I would like to nominate Rheanne for MVP. Since the strategy days and New Year, she really seems to have found her feet and embraced everything about her role. Rheanne is certainly getting stuck in outside of her comfort zone; within a few days, her work on some of our recent projects shows how far her development career has progressed over the last year, and her work on the WordPress course that she’s currently completing shows her passion for furthering her career and helping to grow StrategiQ at the same time. Keep up the good work!”

“I thought I knew who I was nominating this month, but Poppy has come along and knocked them off the top spot. She is silent but deadly as she continues to produce incredible results, but is always so humble and gracious. Her submission for MKGO was genius and just highlights her talent, creativity and passion for PPC. She is always willing to share her knowledge and craft with others and has done so for me personally on many occasions. You’re smashing it, Poppy!!!”


“Do I really need to say anything about Sean? Every one of his sites smashes it out the park. The attention to detail he shows when building websites is exemplary, he puts in the hours to make sure they are done on time and to very high StrategiQ standards and he really has epitomised what it means to be an employee here. No other choice whatsoever: if he doesn’t sweep the board, it will be criminal.”

“Oli has been quietly squirrelling away at some really cool stuff that has had a huge impact on how the SEO team work on a daily basis and has also been a really valuable pillar of support for when things have been difficult to overcome. This month he’s pulled out the stops to improve processes and keep the team aligned and focused, as well as dipping in and out of other channels to keep his knowledge tip-top.

Alongside all that, he’s dealt with some quite taxing situations and has done many late nights to keep delivery on track and keep our clients happy – all with no hint of a complaint and very little shouting about it. He’s also the first person to champion literally anyone else in the office but rarely shouts about himself, so it’s about time he gets some of that recognition! Thanks for your hard work and passion, Oli. It’s infectious!”

And finally, this is what I meant by ‘raps’. The concerning thing is that this is not the only rap nomination he received this month.

There’s no January blues.
Because of this dude.
His name is Phil.
He’s got some skills.
Just bringing in leads.
So we can all achieve.
He knows his s***.
He never quits.
So we’re getting money in the bank.
Let’s all have a drank. (Yep, I have no idea either.)

“Real talk though – Phil has done a lot of work generating the opportunities that have helped us win quite a few really exciting new clients (Savills, University of Suffolk, Thomson Reuters, Greene King… to name but a few). For me, Phil deserves the win because of his consistency, attention to detail in presentations and the confidence with which he presents StrategiQ. I couldn’t wish for anyone better to be the face of StrategiQ for potential clients.”

But who won?

That delightful rap very helpfully leads us into this month’s winner. Whilst he may be best known outside of StrategiQ for his delicious slow-cooker recipes, fantache-tic (sorry) ‘tache and fondness for heavy metal, to us, he has become a champion of the brand and real representation of who we are as a company. He’s always the first to consider every single channel, to make sure our clients have exactly what they need when they need it. He epitomises our ‘give a ship’ attitude to our work and fully deserves every nomination he receives. You got it, our January MVP is none other than Phil McEwan!


Let’s take a look at some of Phil’s nominations that aren’t embarrassing raps… (we love them really).

“Phil has been instrumental in landing a number of new video clients this month. To help us get some huge projects over the line, I’m sure that he must have been working 26 hours a day to get the new slide deck and presentations ready at such high standard, consideration and quality. If anyone deserves a duvet day this month, it’s Phil.”

“Phil is a prolific, creative and precise marketing machine! From his moustache (brought to you by @CaptainFawcett wax) to his expressive eyebrows (I’m not sure who sponsors them!) he emanates a bold unconventional vibe and has managed to beautifully blend that with StrategiQ’s transparent and trusted brand identity.”

“It would be a great ‘thank you’ for the limitless time and effort he puts in for Phil to win this month. He tenaciously chases new work and strategically analyses existing clients to see where the opportunities lie to help them improve their businesses, as well as doing the same for us. I like to think of him as our Master Splinter, carefully nurturing us and helping us grow (though without the pizza and martial arts). These are magical times and I’m excited to see what exciting projects he’ll bring us next!”

“To be honest, Phil deserves to win based purely on the revenue he has generated for the business, but his contribution extends far beyond that. Not only is he attracting an incredibly high calibre of client to the agency, but he’s taken our reporting process to new heights, made presenting to clients a breeze with his mega deck, and improved our own marketing output enormously. Our social media channels are an absolute joy to behold, and that’s all down to Phil grabbing them by the scruff of the neck and keeping them ticking over with engaging content, delivered in a well-considered tone of voice. And for anyone lucky enough to see his presentations first-hand, the man is also a creative genius. There’s a lot of power behind that perfectly groomed moustache. It’s about time it had a well-deserved day off.”


There we have it, another month and another deserving MVP is crowned, plus he gets to enjoy a day off and a dinner out on us! Congratulations Phil!

Fancy being the real MVP yourself? Get in touch for a chat or check out our careers section for more info on how you can do just that.


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