I Doug deep for a pun but couldn’t think of a good one…

3 min read by Levi Clucas 8 Feb 2021

It’s time to welcome our second face of 2021 into the StrategiQ family. This time, it’s an old friend of ours – someone we’ve been closely working with for many years, who has FINALLY agreed to join the team. Please give a warm welcome to copywriter and content designer Doug Smith! (we’ve heard the more Smiths in an agency the better).

Let’s find out a little more about our newest recruit.

Doug’s past life was spent in the music industry before he jumped ship to become a copywriter in 2016, and he hasn’t looked back since. His goal is to make a difference – to people, businesses, clients, and customers – and copywriting gave him a way to fulfil this desire in words.

Doug knows that clients, services and products are often amazing, extraordinary and unique – they just need their audience to realise it! He makes it his job to show customers, users or prospects how his clients can help them and solve their problems. There’s nothing he loves more than studying what works in content, reading up on the latest industry updates and being really absorbed in the brands and businesses he writes about.


His attitude towards his work and his affinity for helping businesses and customers alike is what drew us to Doug as a freelancer – a match made in heaven that meant we spent the next four years trying to catch him with the StrategiQ butterfly net.

What does Doug do outside of work?

Doug loves spending quality time with his two sons and wife, who inspire him in his other favourite hobby, which is – you guessed it – writing! When not creating eye-grabbing content for clients, Doug spends his spare time working on a number of series of novels for kids.

These series range from urban fantasy and supernatural all the way through to a steampunk trilogy and even ‘robot insect secret agents’. If writing about secret agent insect robots is not the coolest hobby ever I don’t know what is. Are you sure these are kids books, Doug? I want one…


But why did he join StrategiQ?

“Freelancing has been a fantastic journey. But during these few years I’ve realised that I do miss being part of a progressive, exciting team of experts. StrategiQ were one of the first agencies to give me a break back in 2017. I’ve watched the company grow ever since then and enjoyed a great relationship with a number of people there, so actually joining the team feels like a natural, positive next step. I’m really excited.”

We’re pleased to finally have you with us Doug, welcome to the team.

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