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3 min read by Charles Craik 1 Aug 2022

rosie howe

It’s that time again to welcome another new person into our collection of brilliant marketers here at StrategiQ! Say a big warm and fuzzy hello to Rosie Howe, Account Executive!

Wanna find out a bit more about Rosie?

Well, Rosie started her marketing journey right after her A-levels in 2020, when she began the search for the perfect career-starting role. After deliberating and finishing her A-Levels in an incredibly difficult year, Rosie decided that University just wasn’t where she wanted to be and instead got to work on internships, traineeships and apprenticeships (thankfully no battleships) and started learning her craft over the last year or so.

Rosie’s tenacity for finding the perfect opportunity eventually helped her land the role at StrategiQ.

What does Rosie do for fun?

Rosie is somewhat of a travel enthusiast, having recently visited Paris, Milan and Turkey and loved every minute of it! She’s now spending a lot of her free time planning and researching where to explore next. Something she also loves is maintaining her social media profiles – the perfect place for documenting her amazing trips abroad, but she also thoroughly enjoys posting her dinner (don’t we all) and sharing what she gets up to day-to-day.

One of Rosie’s favourite things to do is follow the latest fashion trends (and take part in them) so when she’s not window shopping for holidays, she’s actually shopping for the next most fashionable outfit. While she always looks fabulous on her holidays, thanks to her fashion addiction, poor Rosie is also forever over-packing her suitcase… maybe time for a bigger one?

When she’s done being fabulous online and abroad, Rosie likes to hang out and go for walks with her 2 lovely Cockerpoo dogs.

Why did Rosie choose StrategiQ?

“I chose StrategiQ because I loved the ambitious nature of the agency, they are striving for everyone to succeed and I love that! I was on the hunt for the perfect career starter and being around so many talented people is really going to boost me in the right direction. I have the want to learn anything and everything so am super excited for my future within StrategiQ.”

We’re super excited to see you develop into a brilliant marketer, Rosie! Wanna join the team? We’ve got plenty of spots waiting for the perfect person… get in touch or check out our careers page for more info.

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