He’s ‘Sean’ To Impress…

3 min read by Levi Clucas 24 Sep 2018


September has been an exciting month, made even more exciting by our latest addition to the team – please give a warm welcome to Web Developer Wonderboy, Sean Scannell!

A little more about Sean:

Sean is a well-rounded graphic designer and front-end developer, with nearly ten years’ experience in the industry. He began his journey to web development by graduating from UCS in 2009 with a BA in Graphic Design, during which he also won 1st prize in the TCM Adam Easdon Award. As part of his glorious winnings, he was able to undertake a two-week internship at TCM, which led to him being employed with them for over two years and working with some awesome channels like Cartoon Network!

Sean then moved on to somewhere a bit more local, spending the next seven years working on his web development repertoire and perfecting those integrated design and development skills with local agencies. He often found himself working with big brands such as Ryvita, Otis and Jordans Cereals – so he is well known for being incredibly ‘dev-oated’ (sorry).

What can we expect Sean to be doing when he’s not doing literally everything?

It’s safe to say Sean is going to fit in here as he’s an avid football fan and loves catching a game when he has a few spare minutes – although those minutes are something of a luxury as he spends the majority of his time with his two young children, watching Spongebob Squarepants over Liverpool FC (even better if you ask me).

There is one more thing about Sean that makes him the perfect candidate for StrategiQ. Sean, like most of us in the office, is a HUGE fan of grime music, so much so that when the music box is overtaken by some grime bangers to see us into the weekend on a Friday afternoon, he’s in his element and has some great suggestions to add to the playlist!

We’re pretty sure Sean will be cooking up a ‘Stormzy’ here as he ‘Ghetts’ more settled into the team. This is ‘J-Hus’ the beginning!

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Sorry again.

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