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7 min read by Charles Craik 6 May 2022

It’s that time again where we all get a little bit emotional – not because it feels like summer is finally around the corner, but because it’s May, which means it’s the start of a new reign in the StrategiQ kingdom. Before we get into that, let’s reflect on what an amazing month April has been, with Paid Media Awards successes, BrightonSEO Fringe speakers (and the conference itself), StrategiQ being announced as one of the best agencies in the country, so many new faces joining the team, our brilliant team spring party and so much more. It really has been a month to remember!

As we begin another month (arguably the best of the year apart from December, since it’s my birthday month and May kids are cool), we prepare for more award-winning work, welcoming more brilliant faces and generally just smashing it, as well as crowning a new MVP. Let’s get into it then and have a look at some of my favourite nominations from April’s cohort…

“Another month, another MVP conundrum. I think this month’s MVP should go to Bex. She is a true team player, on hand to support and organise at a moment’s notice. Going above and beyond to delight clients, make sure the team has everything they need and are on track to get the job done. Bex is a force to be reckoned with, and gets my vote!”

“This month my MVP vote goes to Emma, her determination, client management and support are second to none. Most importantly the support Emma gives her team and those working around her is amazing, she always checks in not just at work but personally to make sure you’re ok. She definitely represents our values! I hope you get to enjoy a duvet day, Emma!”

“This month my nomination goes to James, again. James demonstrates his expertise on a daily, hourly, minute-ly…? basis, which is why colleagues and clients alike trust him implicitly to do what is right for their business and brand. A technical wiz, pixel perfect creative mind, and all round nice person who gets along with everyone – his impact at StrategiQ is felt across the business and across our client base. This month we’ve all seen how James has directed clients, overseen delivery teams, gone above and beyond and handled some extreme challenges along the way. Give this man a duvet day!”

“I believe Josh C should be MVP winner this month, his knowledge and analytical help is truly outstanding. He’s always on hand to help with data and the best approach to UX for our clients. I feel this is a massive benefit when working on client creative work and really helps with creating the best outcomes for them. Well done Josh, you’re a genius and should defo be rewarded in my opinion. Thanks for everything mate.”

“Nathan has had a crazy couple of months and is always still smiling. His accounts have done incredibly well with some awesome average NPS scores and he’s always on the ball with keeping clients accountable for their part of the relationship. He’s not afraid to challenge or question things when they don’t seem right and he puts his all into everything. Nathan has also taken his new hybrid role in the performance team by the horns and is enthusiastic to learn and become a more rounded marketer. I think he certainly deserves an MVP win this month, Great job Nathan!”

“Well what a month! some great showings from the team with a special shoutout to all of the Paid Media team for their great award wins. With that said my MVP for April has to go to Sharon. In Tyler’s absence, Sharon really stepped up and had to make some very tough calls but I was impressed throughout the month with her professionalism and her focus on going the extra mile to get the job done whilst in the midst of a tense and tricky situation. Great month Sharon, keep it up!”

OK, it gets harder every time to pick out the best ones – they’re all so lovely to read and so well written and considered, it’s tough to choose which ones to feature in here!

But who won?

Now we all feel warm and fuzzy, it’s time to feel even warmer and fuzzier as we announce who won the coveted MVP crown for April. The winner for this month tackled one of her biggest career goals to date incredibly successfully, was a huge part of April’s award wins for the performance team, and is a core member of the team here at StrategiQ who we certainly couldn’t imagine being without.

Our winner is dedicated, kind, passionate, knowledgeable, enthusiastic, helpful and just generally brilliant – if you haven’t got it yet, shame on you! Our winner is indeed Paid Media superstar Poppy Mace!

Let’s read some of Poppy’s amazing nominations…

“April has been an insane month! Winning Paid Media awards, getting on the ‘The Drum Elite’ list, new faces… But the person who nailed it for me has got to be Poppy. Instrumental in the Paid Media Awards, she also completed the awesome goal of speaking at BrightonSEO. That alone is a huge inspiration, and alongside Oli and Levi from last year, proves that the people we are honoured to call our coworkers are genuinely some of the best in the business. Well done Poppy!”

“This month I would like to vote for Poppy as MVP. It’s been great to see Poppy’s journey over the last year and her passion for her career and StrategiQ. The results that we get for our clients highlight this, however outside of the “day job” it was amazing to see her take to the stage as part of Brighton SEO, putting herself out of her comfort zone and smashing it! Look out for her speaking in Europe soon. Great work Poppy, keep it going.”

“My vote this month, hands down, has to go to Poppy! She’s done a phenomenal job showing her expertise and passion for all things Paid Media. I think sometimes the hard work she puts in can go unnoticed but the recent triumph with her talk for the Paid Social Show on whether Linkedin ads are really worth it, showed just how far she has come in her career. Poppy spoke with confidence and really owned the floor – something she should really be proud of. Oh, and let’s not forget her part in two Paid Media Award wins!! Keep smashing it Poppy, you deserve that duvet day.”

“One person stands out for me this month and that’s Poppy. Ever present in good news this month and always delivering through big results for clients. Taking the stage by storm at Brighton SEO. Winning awards for Jurassic, Jacada and very nearly herself (she was robbed, of course). Plus we all know MVP really stands for Mad Villain Poppy.”

Congratulations Pops, you absolutely deserve this one, so go enjoy your dinner on us and your duvet day!

Want your own duvet day & dinner on the company? Better join us then! Get in touch with us or check out our careers page.

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