First past the Checkered Flagg

6 min read by Levi Clucas 10 Dec 2021

It’s the most wonderful time of the month! Wait… let me rephrase that. It’s time for MVP again! We’re a little later than normal this month with the announcement – as you can imagine it’s a busy time of year to be in a marketing agency – but the show must go on!

November was a super exciting month for the team, with Search award wins and Silvers, the DevelopHer awards and some amazing site launches under our belts, we’re ready for the Christmas break (or just a break for those who don’t celebrate) to enjoy some much-deserved family time and snoozing ahead of an already exciting and action-packed January.

Let’s dive into some of our favourite nominations from the team this month:

“It’s a very tough one this month. Elliot has been amazing with pushing us all to think harder about what we do. Mike has been incredible as ever with his skills, professionalism and quick turn-arounds. Dafydd’s been both a catalyst and a supporter for better ways of working across everything he touches. But in the end, I keep coming back to Be, whose energy, attitude and acute insights continue to bring more freshness and fun to both our work and our social life as a company. Thanks, Be.”

“Often silent but always deadly, Dan continues to knock everything thrown at him out of the park. He was so close (and deserving) of last month’s MVP and this has not dampened his impact of focus this month. His work on numerous projects is always delivered to the highest degree and he has jumped on challenges to provide solutions at such a speed the client comms can barely keep up. Give this man a day off.”

“Keiran’s penchant for training and self-development is unparalleled. He treats every new challenger as an opportunity to learn and grow, and the quality of the work he produces continually pushes the agency’s creative offering forwards. Whether it’s motion graphics in After Effects, HTML5 ads in Google Web Designer or even looking at how we can use Spark AR to ‘up’ our Social Media game with custom Instagram filters, Keiran’s work ethic embodies our ‘Ambition’ value. On top of all that, his work recently has been top-notch. Great work Keiran.”

“Sarah’s speech at the DevelopHER awards was incredibly inspirational, as was the involvement of all the excellent women in our world-class agency. It’s an honour to work in a workplace that provides such support and encouragement to us all, and Sarah is at the forefront of that.”

“Such a difficult decision this month, it was so close between Emma and Levi. Firstly, Emma doesn’t stop until her clients are happy and in control, even in her week off, she was managing clients from afar! Her dedication, care and hard work are second to none. However, this month, my nomination goes to Levi, she is continually going above and flying the flag for SEO and StrategiQ. From stepping out of her comfort zone and speaking at BrightonSEO to numerous podcasts and being shortlisted for a DevelopHer award, surely this is Levi’s month?!”

Sadly it wasn’t my month, anonymous voter, (insert tiny violin here) but it was the month for another amazing member of the StrategiQ team, who took the majority of votes and certainly deserved it. This month’s winner has changed the game since his first day at StrategiQ, with his incredible laser sharp focus on site loading speed, super tight and efficient code and a can-do attitude to boot. This month’s winner has consistently gotten votes since he joined the team, and has repeatedly demonstrated his expertise in his channel. November’s MVP is the one and only Josh! (well actually there’s two Josh’s but it’s the one and only Josh Clare-Flagg for sure).

Wanna read some of Josh’s nominations?

“My vote this month goes to Josh Clare-Flagg! Josh’s name is consistently being thrown into the conversation of some seriously good work going on at StrategiQ. I’m no developer myself but he clearly brings a level of expertise and enthusiasm that is second to none. Not only does he embody our values and work ethics, but his day-to-day energy and positivity is infectious. I challenge anyone to sit next to Josh and not start singing or tapping out the beats. Keep up the great work Josh!”

“This month my nomination goes to Josh. Consistently smashing it since joining and really pushing the emphasis on performance for our base theme and new sites moving forward. Great month Josh and keep smashing it!”

“My nomination this month goes to Josh CF. Josh has been tasked with improving the speed optimisations of our sites and has been smashing it. He’s recently implemented some great new features into Base Theme and has been tinkering in the background on all things speed-worthy. His most recent site is evidence of all this hard work as it’s showing all green lights with it’s Core Web Vital scores. Well done Josh, keep it up!”

“I know he’s recently won, but I couldn’t help but nominate Josh this month. Josh is just a ball of good energy, passion, intrigue and incredible skill and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with him on recent web projects. He’s great fun to be around and a fantastic asset to the team.”

“Voting for JCF again this month, this guy hasn’t taken his foot off the gas since winning MVP and continues to smash it every month with his infectious upbeat attitude. I’m particularly impressed with the strides he’s made with page speed. Getting client sites to 90+ is no easy feat but he seems to make it seem easy with recent successes on sport said launch. Go on Josh lad.”

Josh, everyone loves you, and rightly so! We hope you enjoy your duvet day and dinner on the house!

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