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3 min read by Charles Craik 21 Oct 2020

We’re welcoming yet more fresh faces into the StrategiQ family. This time, It’s Front-End Developer and all-round cool guy Roshan Gurung!

Let’s find out a little more about Roshan…

Roshan, (Pronounced Row-Sun) also known as Ross, started out his digital marketing career as a web design apprentice, which spurred his interest in web builds in general. That interest sat as the foundations of his future roles – everything from being an IT technician to project management, so he’s well acquainted with the inner working of sites, as well as the start-to-finish process that takes a site form just an idea to a finished, working product.

Ross’ aspiration is to become one of the best Front-end devs out there – something we are proud to be a part of – aspiration and ambition are values we all live and breathe by here!


What does Ross do in his spare time?

A family man, Roshan spends his time outside of work with his beloved family, his wife and two children, a daughter and a son. Their favourite past time is to jump in the car and see where they end up – disappearing into the wilderness only ever using the satnav in the unusual occasion that they get lost. I’m a little jealous – unless I have a satnav, I’m always lost!


But Ross, Why did you choose StrategiQ?

“I have been following StrategiQ for over 4 years and watched the company progress and grow over the years. I joined StrategiQ because I wanted to be part of that journey and grow alongside the company. Over the years in my previous workplace, I have used StrategiQ website and websites built by StrategiQ as an example for website builds and best practises. Interesting fact – I was going to hold back for another year before applying for StrategiQ but really glad that I applied straight away and here I am! I view StrategiQ as one of the best, if not THE best marketing experts in the country. Now I’m here to be a part of the best!”

Well, thanks, Ross! We’re so pleased to have you aboard the vessel to success that is StrategiQ, welcome along for the ride!

If you’re getting a bit of StrategiQ FOMO and want a ride on the vessel of success (working title) get in touch with us or take a look at our careers page for more info!

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