Blimey, Charlie!

4 min read by Charles Craik 12 Feb 2018


That’s right, it’s February and as we know, a new month welcomes a new MVP. We’ve had an uplifting January signing off our clients 2018 strategies and welcoming a number of amazing new clients and brands.

It’s been great welcoming Ian to the team as he’s settled into the StrategiQ culture brilliantly. We’ve also had a kitchen makeover, with our fabulous Insights Discovery wall, impressively designed by our very own Ashley Thrower.


So, let’s get back to it – we’ve all been busy beavers and sent in our nominations for who we think deserves the coveted MVP award, the prize being a dinner out on the house and a duvet day to take when you please. So, without further ado, let’s get into some of the nominations:

“This month I would like to nominate Bex. She always has time to answer my plethora of questions and is always very helpful. Bex is absolutely fantastic to work with, she’s willing to compromise when told something will take too long to implement, without affecting the quality and great attention to detail she puts into her designs, and makes sure the client is always at the forefront.”

“As always it’s been a tough decision, but my nomination is going to Luke this month. I’ve been impressed by his attention to detail over the last few months as well as his ability to set realistic expectations for the timescale. This has meant he’s been producing some awesome work since being with us, so well done Luke. He’s also a great a presence in the office and I enjoy his many very accurate accents.”

Luke’s Suffolk accent is one to be reckoned with.

“Everyone’s been having a great start to the new year with lots going on, however this month I’d like to nominate Levi for MVP. Levi continues to fulfil her role, getting awesome links and PR opportunities for our clients, but at the same time is keen to progress, develop her skill set and learn. You’re always guaranteed an animated response too! Great work Levi.”

What a lovely bunch eh? It goes without saying that every month, everyone has good reason to be nominated and everyone works hard, so it’s a pleasure that we all find it so hard to choose one person to nominate.

However, there can only be one winner…

This time around, our winner is PPC extraordinaire and keyboard karate kid… Charlie Taylor! Here are some of the nominations in Charlie’s favour:

“I’d like to nominate Charlie. He’s a powerhouse of results, and he exceeds expectations of everyone, every time. He knows exactly what to do, when to do it, and doesn’t take nonsense. Hearing about his work in the case study the recently made it that bit more poignant how much of a visible effect he has on our work, so he definitely deserves it. Go, Charlie!”

“My MVP for January is Charlie. Through client education, nurturing and knowing his craft inside out, he has on-boarded more great clients recently. His constant client comms and analysis to ensure he doesn’t miss a trick, has meant that the client’s trust and rely on StrategiQ to maintain the success he’s recently generated. Awesome work Charlie!”

“Charlie has flown under the radar before, but there can be no ignoring the dedication and direction he has brought to our PPC offering. He is putting in a lot of hard work, but most importantly, still working smart to get outstanding results for clients that are genuinely helping them grow their business. A day off from both bid modifiers and the gym is long overdue!”

And there we have it! Congratulations Charlie, you’ve wooed us all with your hard work, and you very much deserve a duvet day and a dinner out on us. Enjoy!

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