Becoming a director by 30: Charlie Taylor’s StrategiQ journey

6 min read by Amy Peckham-Driver 3 Aug 2023

Marketing & Performance Director, Charlie Taylor, graduated from the University of Portsmouth in 2013 and worked agency-side as a Paid Media Specialist before making the move to StrategiQ in 2017.

Inspired by our CEO’s vision, Charlie rose through the ranks; growing the revenue of our Paid Media service line from scratch before moving on to manage some of our largest client accounts. Before long, he’d progressed to take complete ownership of our 20-strong Marketing & Performance team, leading the efforts on all of StrategiQ’s marketing execution.

Having recently celebrated his six-year work anniversary and welcomed into the Leadership Team at the age of just 29, we got under the skin of Charlie’s life at StrategiQ…

What’s been your happiest moment at StrategiQ?

Winning at the UK Paid Media Awards in 2023. Knowing that I’d played a part in building that team, and the level of thinking from where we started, to where we are now, blows me away.

What motivates you?

Seeing people progress, and get promoted in new roles makes me so proud. Every time you say “congratulations, you’ve achieved what we set out to do” – is the best feeling.

What’s your first memory of StrategiQ?

Meeting a colleague who I was told was called Amy (it was actually Levi).

What trait do you most admire most in others?

Resilience. Reliance. Stoicism.

What advice would you give anyone looking to progress at StrategiQ?

Don’t shy away from performance. The best work is measurable work. Once you’ve got that mindset, the agency will support you every step of the way.

What’s the one thing you find most challenging?

It’s easy to lose sight of the human angle when you’re target-focused, but there’s definitely an HR element to the role. I’m learning to look at the people, not just the numbers.

Who’s your biggest support?

I’ve had some amazing mentoring from the Leadership team. I’m also lucky that Ash (Creative Director) has been on a similar path. Despite being from different disciplines, we’ve definitely been able to share experiences and bounce off each other.

What makes you successful?

Being target-focused and learning to be comfortable with the fact that it’s going to be tough at times. The work/life balance isn’t for everyone, but it’s what motivates me.

How do you unwind?

Gym, every time. I spend 80% of my lunch breaks in the gym. It’s key to carve out those moments every day to blow off steam. I’d go crazy without those sessions.

It’s been a pleasure to watch and be involved with Charlie’s journey at StrategiQ. From early on I’ve known he had the raw skills to be a great leader in the agency and that journey of hard work, resilience, openness to feedback and humility to learn has turned him into an indispensable part of the leadership team. There’s always so much to learn but I’m immensely proud of his journey so far and excited about where he can go!

Andy Smith, CEO

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