August’s MVP: Recognition for our very own ‘Little Miss Sunshine’

6 min read by Charles Craik 11 Sep 2023

As we say goodbye to the month of August, we say hello to the latest MVP to be added to the list of 2023 winners…

With some bright new faces welcomed recently (introductions pending!), the award of ‘Most Valuable Player’ has gained a higher standard and it’s now even harder to stand out in our incredible pool of talent. Our team always pulls through, and so – with a wide spread of shoutouts to shift through – we roll into our favourite time of the month!

Before we find out who took home the crown, let’s celebrate some of our other rising stars who nearly claimed the top spot…

In 3rd place, our perseverance pro: Laura Manning.

“My nomination this month simply has to go to Laura! She’s been on a massive journey during her time at StrategiQ and I think she’s now really landed on her feet with the role of StrategiQ’s marketing manager. StrategiQ must be one of the most challenging clients to deal with as a company that holds such high standards but Laura is always on the ball and ensuring our marketing output is top-tier. Her recent triumph of sending out the latest CX whitepaper to our clients went down a storm and the feedback from it was incredible to hear. She’s always looking to improve and develop her skillset, which can be seen from her latest achievement of obtaining her DotDigital certification first time! She’s also been instrumental in planning the upcoming Strategy Day and I can’t wait to see all her hard work with that come to fruition. You’re absolutely smashing it Laura, keep up the great work!”

Joint 2nd place goes to organisational queen, Grace Randall and conqueror of complexity, Lauren Boyton.

“This month my nomination goes to Grace! Grace has done an incredible job this month – Grace is managing multiple projects at the moment (with their own individual curveballs) and is doing a great job at ensuring everyone is aligned and informed at each step. Her attention to detail is second to none, and her overall communication with the wider team has been really impressive. Well done Grace!”

“Lauren gets my MVP vote this month. She is a force to be reckoned with. Her unwavering dedication to StrategiQ and the CX team is so clear and I’ve loved working as part of her team over the past 4 months. She gives clear direction on work and training, but most importantly, you know she has your back and wants you to succeed. She has big growth ambitions for the CX service line, but also a clear roadmap on how we’ll achieve it together, and I can’t wait to learn more from her in the coming months/years!”

…but finally, the MVP crown for August 2023 officially goes to:

Sophie Walker!

Tasked with supporting the team with actionable insights and identifying opportunities from raw data, Sophie is already meticulous by nature. But this month, she has been celebrated for tenacity and eagerness to support in the absence of her performance partner-in-crime, Josh Crawford.

“Sophie deserves MVP this month! We all know what a shift Sophie put in while Josh was away, but that’s not out of the norm. Sophie goes above and beyond for clients and colleagues – she’s always available to support anyone who needs it, and is always willing and eager to push her expertise to the next level; something we can all learn from. Keep it up, Sophie!”

“Sophie is like the human form of sunshine. Her genuine joy of helping to solve problems really shines through and she’s always willing to support others. I always learn invaluable pieces of information from our quick catch-up meetings which I really appreciate. She’s a joy to work with and I hope to work more closely with her in the future! You’re smashing it Sophie!”

“Well there goes August, the stand out individual for me this month has been Sophie. Clearly not afraid of the challenge of stepping up in Josh’s absence, Soph has taken it all in her stride whilst not holding back from jumping in to help out where needed despite the increased workload this month. Sophie is genuinely happy to help out and go the extra mile when the team calls on her expertise, great month Soph, keep it up!”

Congratulations, Sophie! Despite being one of our more remote workers, the team definitely notices and appreciates your extraordinary efforts!

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