An Ash-tonishing Win

6 min read by Levi Clucas 17 Oct 2018

Welcome Ash||

Somehow it’s October. How did that happen? Who’s already got their pumpkins ready and Halloween decs up? (I’m already on Christmas, sorry not sorry.) We’ve had a lot on in the last month, including a new MVP winner! You may have noticed that we didn’t award MVP in August – after our strategy day, we made some changes to our MVP process to keep up with the phenomenal growth we’ve experienced over the last few years, and decided to start fresh in September with a new process and, of course, some new faces! If you haven’t met our new team members yet, you can check out their welcome blogs here.

The Nominations

So, let’s get down to business. As usual, the competition was as fierce as ever for MVP. Luckily, our new MVP process means we still get to read through all the wonderful nominations handed out by the team. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of this month’s nominations!

“I’d like to nominate Hannah for MVP this month. Her enthusiasm and energy never cease to amaze me, especially when she’s busy! She’s clearly delivering huge improvements to our processes, which will only serve to benefit our clients. It’s great to see somebody who is so visibly passionate about her profession and happy to talk to a room of colleagues about it, without realising that she’s been doing so for ten minutes. And counting…! Hannah is an absolute credit to the company and fully deserves MVP.”

“I would like to see Charlie get MVP this month. I’ve noticed a consistent amount of good news going up on the ‘nomination station’ that mention his desire and ability to over deliver at every opportunity. That and “testing new methods, helping us to provide a better service” mean Charlie is going above and beyond and really taking ownership of his work. This makes him a worthy candidate to get an extra duvet day. Working with him is also a pleasure. Good work, Charlie!”

In case you were wondering, our nomination station is a wall-mounted screen that rolls through good news and individual achievements. Here it is:


“My MVP nomination easily goes to Adam this month. Adam has impressed me from day one, but the last month in particular, I’ve had the pleasure of working with him more closely. What really stands out to me is his integrated thought process, it’s clear he considers not only the immediate goal but the wider objective and affected channels in order to reap the best result. There have been a few observations this month that have been excellent spots, and arguably outside of his scope, but he has taken the time to bring these to our attention, questioning things that don’t look right or optimal. In all instances that I recall, it has been something worthy of addressing and actions scheduled accordingly. He embodies the level of quality assurance that we strive for every day in everything we produce. Determined, dedicated, diligent. Boom.”

What? I’m not crying. There’s something in my eye…

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

These nominations never fail to make us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, no matter how many we read. It seems like it’s tougher than ever to win MVP, but there must be a winner! This month, the award went to someone who is a living, breathing example of StrategiQ’s values. You got it: this month, our MVP is Ashley Thrower!


Let’s read some of his nominations from the team:

“This month I’d like to vote for Ash. As well as a busy schedule for client work, he has championed StrategiQ’s Client Stories and made sure they’re always on top form and up-to-date (you can take a look at these here). Not only that, but he’s created a branding service that’s second to none. In short, Ash continues to evolve StrategiQ’s brand – achieving results, with purpose and expertise, to have a positive impact on our brand, the user experience and our internal process, as well as clients.”

“My vote goes to Ash. After launching our latest client large-scale full branding project recently, he owned it end to end. He took the time to understand the client’s business, to produce a branding pack that means all their employees across multiple sites can now be aligned in understanding their business’s ‘why, how and what’, and what makes them different as a brand in their industry.

“His knowledge and expertise has produced superb results and has made such an impact on their business that we now have a website project about to launch with them as a bonus! Even when not in complete control and working with external partners, Ash has really considered the user experience and how their brand values shine through in his recommendations. Our clients know they can trust our knowledge and expertise, meaning we’re not restricted by outside parties and are able to work closely with them to collaborate and be constructive.”

So, Ash takes home the crown of MVP and bags himself a duvet day and a lovely evening out on us. Well done Ash, you absolutely deserve the win and we hope you enjoy your prize!

If you like the idea of joining StrategiQ and being nominated as MVP, how about getting in touch with your CV?

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