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5 min read by Charles Craik 7 Feb 2019

Simon MVP

It’s finally February! Now that a cold and wet January is behind us, I thought I’d cheer you up a little with the exciting ceremony that is crowning a swanky new MVP!

January certainly wasn’t a blue month for us as we welcomed a number of new clients, launched some lovely websites, received nominations for some coveted awards at the Biddable Media Awards and said hey to some fresh new faces! And, on top of all that, you may have heard that we launched a really exciting Meta CMS for SEO teams called Spark!

Let’s get on with the job at hand – our MVP! Before we announce the winner, let’s take a look at some of the stand-out nominations from the team:

“Over the past month, Luke has maintained his usual high standard of work on client projects but has found the time to start automating parts of the development setup process – something which will enable the team to get started on new projects much quicker. He’s also been doing a great job of getting Rheanne up to speed with our processes and way of working, allowing her to hit the ground running.”

“Tom Cox is my nomination for January. He’s always thinking of an ‘outside the box’ approach when discussing clients needs for the upcoming month of planning, and always ensures that everything he does has an impact on the clients’ needs/business.”

“I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to nominate this person because I know how hard they work on a daily basis. However, this month this person has gone above and beyond for the business. My nomination goes to, Mr Consistent – Kieran. Always, without fail, getting in early to get his fix of R&D or using that time effectively to get ahead on his workload for the day. This month Keiran showed a great example of how time spent doing R&D and enhancing his skill sets in his own time can add value to the business. I noticed a lot of Kieran’s R&D time in the early mornings was spent on learning how to achieve the results he wanted on an animation video, a video he volunteered to take on to improve his skills. He owned the project from start to finish, storyboarding, creating the illustrations and of course the animation. The result – Not only a fantastic video that the client is super happy with but a new skill that we can even more confidently offer as a service thanks to his hard work. This, on top of his great attitude, dedication to his work and ability to consistently deliver on everything that’s thrown his way, makes Kieran worthy of a duvet day. Great work Kieran!”

Alas, there can only be one winner, although every single person has reason enough to be crowned – so who is it this time?


January’s MVP did have one outstanding nominee. The skills, dedication and tenacity that this individual has shown are second to none. He’s worked tirelessly in his own time and in the office to produce something amazing, and we’re all incredibly proud of both him and Chris Green who also worked his socks off on this project.

You got it, January’s MVP is none other than Simon Thompson! Let’s take a look at some of his nominations:

“I’d actually like to jointly nominate Simon and Chris Green, for their work on Spark. Obviously a lot of hard work went into creating it as well as keeping it quiet from the rest of us, so it was a great surprise to hear about. Not only will it have a great impact on the business with what we can offer clients or even people unrelated to us, it’s already gathered a great amount of attention on social media and brought exposure to the two and the StrategiQ brand. It was also impressive that they were more than happy to take the time to talk about it to us, whether if we asked them in person or when they held the training session.”

“This month my vote goes to Simon, This is mainly due to the mammoth effort for spark. Not only has this been done as an external project, out of hours and to an incredible standard, but it has ruffled feathers in the industry and solved a real need. On top of that, it’s another thing to put StrategiQ on the map. Well done Simon.”

So, after a lot of competition, Simon nabbed the top spot thanks to his incredible work with Chris Green on the Spark platform. It’s still in Alpha testing at the moment, but if you want to take a look, there’s a blog about it here or join the conversation and get in touch with us!

Congratulations Simon on a well-deserved win, and enjoy your dinner and duvet day on us.

Fancy winning the MVP award yourself? We’re always looking to recruit talented and passionate people, so if you fit the bill, take a look at our careers page or get in touch!

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