A Real-Leah Great Hire

3 min read by Charles Craik 28 Oct 2020

It’s new starter time again! But, who is it, we wonder? It’s none other than social media marketing marvel Leah Crabtree!

Leah has been in marketing for a number of years, having completed a Digital Marketing Diploma, Leah has more recently been working for the UK’s largest family-owned horticulture business, creating content that’s guaranteed to make you want to run out and fill your house with new plants.

Leah’s Diploma and support from her previous role lead her on to win 2019 Apprentice of the Year at the DevelopHER awards! (congrats!!) Leah has been specialising solely in Social Media Marketing for the last five years, so she’s got loads of experience but continues to satisfy her hunger for learning and development.

But what does Leah do in her spare time?

Outside of social media, Leah spends most of her time doing the opposite to scrolling on facebook – practicing yoga almost every day! Her zen mood on the daily is put down to being such an avid yoga practitioner, something many of us wish to have a little more of!

Her other hobbies are playing the piano (a lockdown success story), traveling and cooking. Leah spends most of her free time planning and thinking about what she’s going to cook next! I would like to say the same, but mine is more what I’m going to EAT next…


Leah’s travels have taken her all around the world, to over 30 different countries. With an abundance of different foods to try and amazing things to see, Leah loves to go abroad as much as is possible, with Japan so far being her favourite (mine too Leah, so kawaii).


Now we know more about Leah, we gotta know… Why did she choose us?

“I’ve had my eye on joining StrategiQ for a while now. Working in recruitment gives you the inside scoop on company culture and I knew that StrategiQ had a great reputation locally. I met with Andy and knew by the end of the conversation that StrategiQ was somewhere I wanted to work”

Welcome to the fam, Leah!

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