A Long time coming

2 min read by Levi Clucas 9 Dec 2020

dan long developer

We’re welcoming yet another fresh face into the StrategiQ team! Say Hey to front-end developer Dan Long!

Dan is one of those developers that’s just always been fascinated by technology and how it works, so naturally, he ended up working in the industry. He started his digital career with his degree from Buckinghamshire University in Digital Media, where he learned all the basics of photography, animation, 3d modelling, flash (that’s an old person thing) and also web design and development. It was this course that inspired his love for web design and dev – and so his life as a developer began. He’s now been developing websites for over a decade, and has even dabbled in the odd chatbot and mobile app!


What does Dan do when he’s not Devvin’?

When he’s not cracking codes, researching the latest tech or experimenting with creative coding, Dan loves a bit of them sports. He’ll watch pretty much anything, most commonly Football, Rugby and F1, but also loves a good Netflix binge (other streaming services are available) or whatever currently hosts his latest favourite programme. It’s The Mandalorian this time, go Disney+! Dan’s also a keen gamer, though who knows how he finds time to do that around all these sports and shows!

His other favourite pass-time is taking long countryside walks with his partner and his 1yr old rescue Borador (collie-cross x labrador), which is when he’s at his absolute happiest.


Why did you choose StrategiQ, Dan?

“StrategiQ has been an agency on my radar for a long time. After speaking with some of the team and talking through their objectives and how the company wanted to grow, it left me inspired and a journey I wanted to be a part of.”

We’re proud to have you onboard Dan, Welcome to the team! Wanna be part of this awesome lot? Get in touch with us on our website or check out our career opportunities!

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