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6 min read by Charles Craik 15 Sep 2019


It’s September! The month when everyone goes back to work, school, college or university, there seems to be someone’s birthday every two days and the shops have already started stocking Christmas chocolates and decorations to get us all excited (or miserable, depending on how grumpy you are). September is also an exciting month for StrategiQ, as our new financial year starts, we have one of our quarterly strategy days and since it’s a new month, we also announce our latest winner of the coveted MVP crown!

The MVP, if you haven’t heard before, is a monthly award given to the month’s ‘Most Valuable Player’. Everyone in the company nominates one other person who has stood out to them for hard work, be that for a particularly strong project, some extra outstanding results or a side project worth shouting about, and then the votes are tallied up and the winner announced! For winning MVP, the chosen person gets an extra day off to be taken whenever they like and a dinner out on the company.

As usual, it’s been busy at StrategiQ HQ, we’ve welcomed in new faces and had some mega stuff going on, so we’ve had a lot of wonderful things worth nominating each other for. Let’s jump right in and take a look at some of the glorious nominations from August.


“The ROI don’t lie. (Charlie’s releasing his album soon, guys) Charlie and Elliot are doing a sterling job with our paid search offering and coping admirably with the additional work that is bringing. Charlie is such a consistent performer that he is often overlooked – what tips it for me this month was the added skill set of helping clients solve barriers to entry for their business model – demonstrating how far he has come as a rounded marketer.”

“It was reeeeeally hard to pick just one person because everyone has worked super hard this month, and there are a few that I think have gone above and beyond. But Keiran tips it again! Every month Keiran demonstrates new skills and strengths that bring value to our clients (and impresses them too!). You can always rely on him to not only complete a task on time but also within the time you have set. He also manages to design what was in your head that you didn’t think you could even explain effectively…nice one Keiran!”

“For me, this guy is a machine. Not only has Phil started to analyse internal processes and enhance them with his experience and expertise, he has gone out of his way to add impact within other areas of the business – Our evolving CRO process, valuable opinions across creative / production work and a willingness to offer honest opinions when needed, Phil’s always finding ways to go above and beyond! But the thing that stands out the most is the pace at which he can produce such quality, time after time! Great work, Phil and looking forward to working on more projects again in the future!! ”

“Elliot has had a smashing month in August, despite having a week off to complete an intensive driving course! The retainer levels and workload with the PPC service line, combined with his email duties have been very intense this month. There have also been numerous Instapage builds for various clients which have had to be completed against very tight deadlines and sometimes at short notice. These builds have all hit the mark and the results for his PPC clients have also been outstanding. A worthy winner for MVP.”

It’s so easy to make a case for everyone to win every month – but sometimes, there are people who just really stand out for the work they’ve done. It’s also just as easy for modest people to go under the radar in such a busy, fast-growing environment, so these nominations can often highlight work that some may have missed – but that added value immensely to the small people it’s impacted.

But who stood out for the team this month?

Well, there was unusually a clear winner this month. Our MVP for August is someone who has taken on a huge responsibility managing our imminent new website launch, someone who has a can-do attitude and his tenacity to get things right, every time.

You got it, August’s MVP is the one and only Ash Thrower!


Here are some of Ash’s best Nominations that secured him the top spot:

“Ash has been instrumental in leading the charge on the new StrategiQ website. He’s shown true leadership qualities to bring the team together and get shit done, all while balancing client work and other responsibilities in the company. He’s remained cool and calm under pressure, which is classic Ash and so needed for such a high-pressure project.”

“Ash has clearly taken on more of a leadership role and has been doing a great job of being more of a point of contact for the whole production team, taking the lead on projects and clients and being a source of contact for issues and questions. His organisation and attention to details to the StrategiQ site are essential to its success and the project, while being pushed around with time has run really smoothly and that’s thanks to Ash.”

“This month I’d like to put my vote forward for Ash. Along with everything else this month, he has been truly leading this month. Grabbing hold of StrategiQ with both hands and standing shoulder to shoulder with us all, to position us for the future. Thank you, Ash, for your dedication, hard work and time!”

“Although not completed yet, ash has been putting in some serious time and effort coordinating the new website. Juggling this with client work and inducting new starters into the business all with a smile on his face is no mean feat and therefore gets my nomination for MVP.”

Ash has been a rock of support for various team members this month as we go through changes in the business and introduce new processes, all while managing expectations of clients and managing the upcoming new StrategiQ website, which in itself is a big job and is going to be a really exciting development in our journey as a company.

Congratulations Ash, have a day off and a dinner out on us!

Fancy winning an MVP of your very own? How about checking out our careers page or just get in touch for a chat.

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