Yas Wins MVP!

2 min read by Andy Smith 9 Jun 2017


There was no hung vote at the StrategiQ ballot box this month as Yas stormed the polls with a clear majority (well, she won by a single vote – that’s a majority, right?).

The “also ran” candidates included myself, Tom and Simon with 1 vote each, and Bex and Dan with 2 votes each.

With 3 votes apiece, Chris G and Andrew prevented it being a total landslide, but Yas came out on top with an impressive 4 nominations.

Here are a couple of soundbites from the exit polls…

Yas is always consistent in the high level of her design work, regardless of purpose or client. She’s always willing to help and is a positive and pleasant presence in the office – a pleasure to work with.”

With so many sites going live last month, everyone really pulled together to get the job done, but Yas stood out in particular for her ownership of tasks and excellent client communication. She also seems to have developed a knack for nailing the client’s brief, which is testament to the time she spends outside of working hours furthering her own skills and knowledge, which she’s always happy to share with the rest of the team.”

Regular readers will know the Most Valuable Player prize is a duvet day and an evening out on the company. There were 4 winners last month, so, in scenes reminiscent of the MP expenses scandal, the company credit card took a right battering! Needless to say, director Sarah, who guards the company purse strings, was very pleased to see one winner this month.

Speaking of whom, our congratulations go to the Right Honourable Yasmin Willis MVP. The people have spoken and they’d like you to continue your mandate of “smashing it out of the park”. Well done, Yas!

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