Onads & StrategiQ come together over digital marketing transformation of Indian Companies

3 min read by Andy Smith 18 Mar 2024

Onads, a Mumbai-based digital marketing company established in 2008 and StrategiQ a UK based digital marketing company established in 2013, have formed an alliance to offer Digital Transformation Services to Indian companies. 

Jignesh Maniar, Founder of the award-winning agency Onads says, ‘While India is heralding into the digital revolution, we notice that many Indian legacy companies are yet to up their ante on Digital Marketing Transformation. Both Onads and StrategiQ are part of AMIN worldwide and when I saw the impact of the fantastic work that Andy and his team are doing I realised that it is time to offer Indian companies truly the best in class digital transformation services.

Andy Smith, Founder of StrategiQ said ‘While we are working with many global opportunities, it is truly recognised now that this century belongs to India. Onads, led by Jignesh, has done some truly remarkable work and Jignesh in his career through his work, has developed some landmark marketing campaigns with deep understanding of the Indian consumers. We are very excited about this partnership.’

StrategiQ has an impressive and diverse portfolio of global clients including GOREWEAR, Ciklum, Cambridge Audio and Reuters.

Andy further elaborates, ‘Our mission is to be the strategic difference – we impact businesses and people by creating change and progress that even they didn’t know was possible. Our client-centric methodology takes a complete view of the market, buyer personas, and behaviours, and provides recommendations and strategies to take brands to market in a highly considered and executed manner.

We work collaboratively and intelligently across all marketing channels, underpinned by business objectives and developing a distinctive and strong brand identity and position. Driving business transformation by working in partnership to turn a vision and objectives into a tangible plan and marketing strategy.’

Jignesh adds, ‘India is still nascent when it comes to Digital Marketing. While we are about 15% of the US GDP, we are spending only 3% of the US Digital Advertising spend. But before the surge in ad spend, companies (especially legacy companies) need to lay a strong foundation with a winning  brand strategy and a robust digital ecosystem.’ 

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