Everyone’s an MVP!

3 min read by Andy Smith 17 May 2017

April MVPs

Well, not quite everyone, but in another first for our monthly MVP competition, we had a 4-way tie in April.

Announced at our quarterly bunker day at Milsoms, Kesgrave – where we align our goals and make sure we’re all clear on what we need to achieve over the next 3 months – it soon became apparent that a lot of people were in the running for the duvet day and night out on the company.

And it wasn’t without a bit of controversy, let me tell you. In scenes reminiscent of the presidential election, there were miscounts and recounts as the popular vote was eventually decided.

A quick nod to the other nominees – Becky, Rich and Simon – who each picked up a vote, but with 3 votes apiece, the winners were…

Ash, Nick, Chris P and Chris G!

Rather than choosing between them, and as an example of the kind of generosity they’re known for (can you tell I’ve got a pay review coming up?), the directors decided to award the prize to all 4 finalists. Well done, chaps.

Here’s a small selection of some of the nice things that were said…

I’d like to see Chris P get MVP this month. Now Magento certified, Chris achieved his personal goal without letting the quality of his work drop – definitely worthy of a duvet day.”

Nick has done a great job this month, leading client comms, managing delivery and client expectations, while shielding the dev team so they can focus on various tasks. The only downside is his questionable taste in 90s pop, but we’ll let that slide.”

Ash really fits the bill in terms of what we look for in a new team member – exceptionally hardworking, great attention to detail and no little ability. His designs for the new StrategiQ website are really exciting and he’s showing the same creative flair with his client work. Good work, Ash!”

Chris G is a real leader in the team and has done a great job of picking up new clients and tasks. In addition, Chris is quick to help out everyone in the team, and thinks about everyone’s development and training plans, as well as his own – while somehow finding the time to write blogs and speak at meet-ups! Definitely doesn’t go unnoticed.”

In other news, we’ve just recruited 3 new team members, who we’ll be introducing shortly. We’ll have to wait and see if they can come straight in and stake a claim for MVP, like Tom did with his unprecedented victory. Good luck, guys.

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