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10 min read by Andy Smith 29 May 2024

Why StrategiQ is a top place to work, housing and nurturing the best people for clients to work with.

Don’t just take our word for it, we’re getting recognised globally.  Our recent listings in esteemed workplace surveys have reaffirmed that our committed and structured approach to employee happiness is working. Our team is happy, and our clients continue to benefit.

This year has been incredible for our team and culture, with over ten years of honing and understanding our industry, our team, and what generates a happy and motivated workforce in a competitive and unique industry. And we’re starting to see the results of our decade of learnings pay off. 

We’ve been recognised as one of the Sunday Times’ 100 Best Places to Work in 2024, ranking in the small organisation category. This achievement, alongside our placement in Campaign’s Best Places to Work list, is a testament to our commitment to creating a happy, productive, and engaged workforce. 

But what makes StrategiQ such an exceptional place to work, and why should it matter to you as a client?

Why employee happiness matters

Happy employees aren’t just a perk; they’re a vital component of our success. When employees are satisfied and engaged, they perform better, contribute more creatively, and stay longer. This translates directly into the quality of service and results we deliver to our clients.

Key insights

Taken from the Sunday Times Best Places to Work, and Campaign Best Places to Work surveys, the data we have received is exactly why we enter these awards. It helps us not only understand what our team find works well, but also where we can continue to invest and improve:

Engagement scores: With an average engagement score of 89%, our team is highly motivated and aligned with our vision.

Retention rates: We boast a 0% flight risk for our existing team in the next nine months, indicating stability and commitment.

Confidence in leadership: Our 93% confidence score in management is 19% above the industry average, demonstrating strong, trusted leadership. In addition 100% of our employees feel that their manager will willingly listen to their suggestions, and that their manager wants them to reach their full potential.

Communication and workplace culture: Our 95% score across communication and culture questions strongly indicates that our team feels happy and confident in how they work together, in addition to thoroughly benefitting from their working environment. Key highlights include a 100% score on enjoying the company of their coworkers.

What makes us stand out?

Transparency and trust: Our team scored highly for understanding the organisation’s plan and having the freedom and trust to make decisions. This empowers our employees to act decisively and innovatively, knowing they are supported and valued.

“One of the standout parts of working at StrategiQ is how much everyone, at every level, genuinely cares about helping people feel happy and fulfilled – not just in their professional life, but their personal life too. This is what happens when you bring a hardworking and talented gang of marketers together… magic happens.”Corrie Jones, Head of Social Media.

Training and development: In 2023, our 49-strong team undertook 3,785 total training hours, achieving 127 certificates. We believe in continuous professional development, which not only improves our service offerings and also ensures our team members are always growing. 

Work-life balance: We implemented hybrid working in 2023, allowing our employees to choose their work environment. This flexibility, coupled with enhanced parental leave and generous annual leave policies, ensures our team maintains a healthy work-life balance.

An award-winning, consistent framework

StrategiQ’s unique, custom-built, award-winning operating system is designed to enable every member of their agency to thrive both professionally and personally. The system houses everything from PDP frameworks and training plans; to weekly goal setting and training modules; to MVP nominations and your own ‘belief wall’ of good news that colleagues have shared about you.  In 2024 it was recognised as Best HR Tool at the UK Company Culture Awards, further cementing it as a powerful factor in our cultural success.

The OS captures our ‘One Team, One Agency, One Strategy’ culture. It surpasses standard HR software with its personalised approach to training, development, and management. It creates seamless employee journeys (video), in an integrated agency, encompassing a diverse, multi-discipline workforce

Impressively, it also integrates with MOJO motivational maps, meaning that every member of the team can see each other’s insights to understand what motivates every individual and the best communication methods to use with them. 

As Sarah Smith, CPO at StrategiQ says: “We’re an inclusive workplace, acknowledging that every single individual is different. Running psychological and motivational audits for our team and displaying those on the OS ensures everyone has visibility of how to communicate effectively and respect individual differences. We think that initiatives like this are part of why we’ve been named in the Sunday Times Best Places to Work list this year.”

Benefits for clients

Working with a happy, well-supported team at StrategiQ means partnering with professionals who are passionate, skilled, and aligned with our agency’s vision. Our commitment to a positive workplace culture translates into high-quality, innovative marketing solutions, and the creation of indispensable partnerships. 

Key areas of impact:

This is where the data from the reports doesn’t lie – impartial and anonymous, these insights are taken from the reports that underpinned our listings in The Sunday Times Best Places to Work and Campaign Best Places to Work.

Expertise and innovation

Our investment in training ensures that our team stays at the cutting edge of industry trends and technologies. In addition, our 95% scoring across Professional Development assessments in the Campaign survey, further indicates the profound impact that our training and development framework is having on the happiness and wellbeing of our team, and in turn, the quality of their output.

Stability and reliability 

With low turnover and high employee satisfaction, comes reliability and consistency of service. It can be a real challenge when partnering with an agency, to feel ‘one team’, especially when you need to feel truly confident in the skills and the motivation of the professionals working on your account.  In our employee survey responses, 100% of those interviewed believed their job was well aligned with their abilities, so clients can be reassured that the right people in the right seats are working on their strategy and delivery. 

Proactive and empowered team

A transparent and supportive environment encourages employees to take initiative and deliver exceptional results. With extremely positive feedback about the transparency of how we operate, and the internal communication strategy at the agency, clients not only know they can reach the right expert to answer their query, but that those experts are confident to communicate effectively across teams. 

Professional development

Clients can be confident that the experts they work with are encouraged and enabled to be at the top of their game. With 100% agreement that StrategiQ supports employees’ professional development, in addition to the continued investment in our training framework, our team will always be driven to enhance their skills, in a way that is truly beneficial to not only their own career pathway, but to the wider team and clients. 

Communication and workplace culture

Most notably, current and future clients working in partnership with StrategiQ, are working with professionals of whom 100% believe that the agency is committed to ‘providing high-quality products and services’. That commitment is signified by the continued investment in training, cutting-edge technology and culture. In addition, 100% of our team endorse the organisation as an employer, recognising the strides made in supporting professional development in addition to providing exceptional services. 

“At StrategiQ, we really are ‘one team.’ The support and training I’ve received as a Marketing Executive have given me the confidence to grow in my role. Everyone here has each other’s backs, and it’s inspiring to be part of such a positive and collaborative environment. It’s not just about the work we do, but how we do it together that makes StrategiQ such a great place to work. I love coming to work every day knowing I’m part of a team that values and uplifts each other.” Amber Smith, Marketing Executive

In a fast-paced industry, where competition for talent is fierce, it can become increasingly frustrating for clients and colleagues alike when team members quickly jump ship and personnel frequently change. Our staff tenure is exceptional against industry benchmarks, and in addition, our continued efforts to make StrategiQ a great place to work, also ensures we attract and retain the best people, as part of our ongoing bid to become a destination agency. 

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