Senior Website Tester & QA Analyst
Charles' Expertise
Quality Improvement
Attention to Detail
Charles is our senior website tester and QA analyst extraordinaire. He has a keen eye for detail and meticulously scours through each StrategiQ website prior to launch on various bug hunts. Charles likes to keep the user at the forefront of his mind and is happy to challenge the user experience, as he rigorously tests the multitude of pages, forms and onsite tools that we create. Charles is not just a problem solver, but a problem finder.

It's my mission to be better than I was yesterday.

Outside the office

Gamer Geek and Proud

When not in the office, Charles enjoys playing on the Nintendo (sometimes with his children) and has an unhealthy obsession with peanut butter and chocolate in any incarnation. Charles is proud geek and loves all things Star Wars and Marvel.
charles salmon