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Darren joined StrategiQ in 2022 - after spending many years in the IT support sector he took on his first development job in 2019 and got the opportunity to really sink his teeth into the world of code. Following his first dev role, Darren jumped between development jobs and even started his own freelance side business in the search for the perfect role. Until he came across StrategiQ.

My mission is to inspire people that with the right approach, workflow can be optimised and streamlined to increate efficiency.

Outside the office

Home Automation, Tennis and Beats

Outside of the office Darren is a keen automator and is in the process of building up his very own smart home by outfitting it with cool gadgets that make the house just that little more automated. He is also an avid tennis player and if that wasn’t enough he has also gets himself on the DJ Decks to make some funky choons, and play the latest games on Steam.