Simon Wins Our March MVP Competition

4 min read by James Bavington 5 Apr 2017

Simon MVP

The silent assassin strikes again, but this time he doesn’t have to share the win!

Regular visitors will know that StrategiQ history was made last month when our front-end developer Tom swept the MVP board, despite only having been with us for a little over a month.

Well this month it was a closer run thing… In fact, it was a 4-horse race right down to the wire.

Chris P picked up a vote (standard), as did Chris G, Becky and Rich, but the battle royale raged between Dan, Yas, Simon and Nick with two noms apiece, until Sarah’s final vote swung it in favour of…


Here’s what the team had to say about our 4 finalists:


His ability, in a short space of time, to take ownership, develop and implement a pretty cool algorithm to help track, predict and evolve our marketing process for each client really impressed me. Great work and a deserving candidate for MPV.”

Dan has been a standout contributor in March for several reasons. His technical SEO acumen, end-to-end focus and knowledge sharing has really come to the forefront, as have his enthusiasm, persistence and genuine passion for helping our clients perform as well as possible. For these reasons and more, Dan has stood out to me as our most valuable player this month.”


“Yas’s design work on a couple of recent sites has been incredibly efficient – and of course, still to her usual high standard – which has enabled us to push projects through to development far quicker.”

“The thing which really stands out for me is how Yas is always pushing to find better ways for the team and our processes to work – going out of her way to try and share new methodologies and tools. It’s things like this which keep us ahead of the curve!”


Nick has once again been awesome this month. He’s picked up a lot of big clients and has just immediately got a handle on all of them. He’s really efficient and always happy to lend a hand and offer advice where required. It’s a pleasure to have him on the team!”

“Nick calmly goes about his business and always gives the impression that everything’s under control. This cool-under-pressure approach is not only a great example for the rest of the team, but is also earning a lot of trust and credibility with our clients. A great asset.”


My vote goes to Simon for his sheer love of the job. The quality of his work is always exceptional and it’s not all done on the clock. It’s not uncommon to see updates from Si while most of us are sleeping – I’m beginning to think he might be the Googlebot!”

Simon quietly goes about his work, but is constantly involved behind the scenes, ensuring that our client websites are working reliably and eliminating any issues that arise. His hard work in March helped to ensure that our hosting switchover was seamless and his passion for web development and eagerness to share his knowledge is really getting the agency noticed – great work!”

Congratulations, Simon, very well deserved!

If you’re interested in joining the StrategiQ team and challenging for MVP (the winner gets a day off and a meal out on the company, so why wouldn’t you be?), we’re currently looking for a Paid Search Consultant and a Content Outreach Executive. If you, or someone you know, might be interested, check out the job spec and get in touch!

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