What Makes WordPress the World’s Core CMS?

6 min read by James Bavington 17 Jan 2022

Why WordPress Is the Solution to Your Web Objectives

WordPress is arguably the world’s most popular CMS. According to TechRadar WordPress is now powering 43% of all websites and 62% of CMS sites alone. Compared to other platforms, such as Adobe Experience Manager, Sitecore and Drupal, WordPress is the platform of choice among proprietors and web developers alike. With its immense versatility and customisation, lightweight functionality, excellent security and continuous evolution, WordPress has become the most dominant CMS in the world.

Immense Versatility and Customisation

What started as a blogging platform has transformed into a CMS that allows users to create websites tailored to their specific needs using plugins, themes, and additional coding. WordPress is the foundation for your website, but the options for customisation are limitless.

While anyone can create a WordPress website, when you partner with knowledgeable developers who understand the various top-shelf plugins WordPress offers and the functions they’re capable of providing, you can generate a website that fits your exact specifications.

Like a Swiss Army knife, WordPress is lightweight and versatile. From eCommerce sites to international blogs, the platform hosts a wide range of domains — including websites for established brands like CNN, Sony Music, and The Economist.

Thus, when it comes to explaining WordPress’s versatility, it’s almost easier to list the things we cannot do through the platform rather than tabulate all of its capabilities — that’s how extensive its functionality is.

Lightweight Functionality and UX

Times International reports there are an estimated 455 million websites built via WordPress, and its straightforward navigation plays a critical role in why WordPress is such a popular CMS choice around the world.

WordPress allows all users — from professional web developers to business owners — to access their sites from a single login located within a singular platform. The CMS consolidation means you can continuously build upon your website without purchasing additional or supplementary programmes.

The platform also makes it easy for web developers to create a site, then give business owners access, so they may add landing pages or make updates without having to call (or pay) a professional team. At StrategiQ, we have done this for several clients, and it has worked out tremendously each time.

Continuous Evolvement and Community Support

WordPress has an international community of people working to keep it as the core CMS. The brightest minds around the world work together to identify problems and create plugins that solve them. Once the plugins are finalised, developers can make them available for purchase.

A prime example of WordPress’s commitment to continuous evolvement is the development of the Yoast SEO Plugin. Joost de Valk was an SEO consultant and developer who recognised the demand for bridging the gap between web development and SEO. Fast-forward to today, and WordPress users can install the Yoast SEO Plugin to help them optimise their website content and increase search engine rank.

When it comes to troubleshooting, anyone who runs into issues using WordPress should be able to find a quick solution. Not only does the CMS have an extensive FAQ section, but there are countless YouTube tutorials and videos available for all to access.

First-Rate Security

WordPress is simultaneously the most secure and most hacked CMS platform in the world. How? Inadequate coding leads to security breaches, but lightning-fast responses from the international community result in fast patching.

WordPress is the most secure website platform as long as you’re applying credible coding. With millions of web developers altering codes and building plugins, hackers identify errors in the system. But by implementing credible coding from a skilled developer, you can prevent cyberattacks.

In addition to sound coding, security issues receive immediate attention. And it’s not just from a handful of developers — it’s from thousands of distinguished coders in WordPress’s international community. With such a powerful force creating patches, most websites stop threats quickly. Our agency has witnessed this first-hand as security breaches have been repaired before our clients realise there was an issue — sometimes even overnight.

Choose WordPress for Your Next Enterprise Project

When choosing a CMS platform for your next enterprise project, move WordPress to the top of your list. When you combine its versatility, customisation and continuous evolvement with an international community of talented developers, you get a CMS capable of producing a high-speed site that meets all of your stipulations.

Does that make WordPress the perfect CMS? The CMS landscape is competitive — especially as more headless platforms emerge — and WordPress will have to continue prioritising its agility, UX and high-speed performance to remain an industry leader.

WordPress has fully established itself in the enterprise, delivering the high levels of security, scalability, availability, and analytical insight large-scale organizations require. WordPress has also evolved to serve the specific needs of the enterprise as a secondary CMS, or as part of a headless model. These innovative approaches increasingly represent the future of the platform, driving further agility, performance, and value,” said Fabio Torlini, SVP & Managing Director International at WP Engine. “In order to realize the value of WordPress, you need to work with partners that specialize in the enterprise space.”

As a WP Engine Partner, StrategiQ works closely with WordPress to develop high-performing websites with optimal security features.

So whether you’re looking to upgrade your current website or start one from scratch, we can help. Chat with our team now to learn more about how we can transform your digital presence through WordPress.

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