Dev Team Wins Double in October MVP

3 min read by tom 7 Nov 2016

Double MVP

It was a clean sweep for the development team this month, with every vote going to either Chris P or Simon, in recognition of their hard work in launching the new Jacada website. Whilst we would normally pick one winner, the voting made it impossible to split the two developers and so, we have a double winner.

Both Chris and Simon have received an extra day’s holiday and a bonus to thank them both for what was a colossal effort in launching our largest web project to date.

Director, Andy Smith said, “MVP continues to be a cornerstone of our culture and is incredibly motivating for me to read the nominations from each of the team recognising the efforts of their colleagues. It was a lot easier when we were a small team but with 18 of us now it really is hard to narrow it down to one or two, especially as everyone can make a case each month.”

Chris and Simon’s efforts were well appreciated by the whole team, with their colleagues sharing some wonderful comments about their work…

“I’m breaking MVP rules a little this month with my nomination – but I couldn’t decide on just one person. For me, it has to be Chris & Simon for the herculean effort around the launch of Jacada. At a build level, the project has always been Chris’s baby and he’s put a helluva lot of blood, sweat and tears into it – far, far, far beyond the 9-5.

“Although, to leave it there wouldn’t do justice to the level of work Simon has put into it too. Between his additional input on hosting considerations, CRM integrations and everything else he’s brought to the project, it’s fair to say it wouldn’t be the site it is without him. Simon, like Chris, has spent many an evening working on the site – weeknights and weekends. It’s been a demanding project, but the hard work and dedication the pair have brought to it has been inspirational – both MVPs for me.”

“Everybody involved in Jacada has gone above and beyond this month, so there were plenty of contenders! I’d be hard pressed not to nominate Chris P for MVP this month given the huge effort he’s put into Jacada, both inside and outside of office hours; I’m pretty sure he had dreams about Jacada occasionally! Whilst he’s humble about the whole thing, I think it’s safe to say that without him there’s no way the project would have gone live this month.”

“Jacada was an absolute monster of a project and Simon has been nothing short of amazing. He’s been here before sunrise and after sunset, and to quote him: “This project is going to be awesome, but no one will ever see 90% of the work that’s going into it!”

Congratulations to Simon and Chris P, and the whole dev team, for successfully delivering such a challenging and rewarding project. The marketing team will no doubt be looking to pull one back in November!

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