Tom Makes StrategiQ History with MVP Win

3 min read by Andy Smith 3 Mar 2017


We thought we’d seen it all when it comes to our monthly MVP competition – landslide victories, 3-way ties, head-to-head battles, vote rigging scandals* – but February’s contest produced a genuine first in the history of this illustrious celebration of going above and beyond.

The venue was set for the big revelation… Cult Cafe on the Ipswich Waterfront. It’s been a hectic start to 2017, so we thought it’d be nice to get out of the office for a few hours and let our hair down a bit (or as much as you dare on a school night). Here we are, on tenterhooks, waiting for the MVP result to be delivered – and the grub…

StrategiQ at Cult Cafe

Without further ado, the results…

Seasoned MVP veteran, Chris P, picked up his usual brace of nominations; Nick garnered three for his ongoing support of the delivery team and directors, as well as his consistent approach to evolving our client strategies; Becky also got a couple of nods for her amazing work ethic and inspiring attitude towards everything she does; Simon, Andrew and myself also picked up a vote, but the clear winner with 5 was “new boy” Tom!

Never before has anyone joined the agency and swept the MVP board within their first full month of being in contention. I’m not sure if Tom quite believed it himself. He was looking around the room as if he expected Warren Beatty to appear to tell him he hadn’t actually won, Moonlight had.

Something that everyone picked up on is how Tom has come straight in and made an immediate impact, often having to work his dev magic on inherited code, which any web developer will tell you, isn’t ideal. Not only has he turned projects around quickly and to an exceptional standard, he also happens to be a pleasure to work with – ironing out kinks and providing out-of-hours support with real care and attention to detail.

He’s also brought a lot of fresh ideas to the table, challenged some of our technical processes and been instrumental in developing best practice.

A keen marathon runner, going the extra mile is nothing new to Tom, so we’re looking forward to seeing the results when he gets his teeth into a new project and builds a website his way. Following his remarkable MVP win, we’re sure he’ll continue to break the mould.

*Whenever I don’t win.

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