Eren Wins MVP!

3 min read by Andy Smith 10 Dec 2016

MVP Eren

Our digital account manager and resident PPC guru, Eren, has struck pay dirt again with his second Most Valuable Player win of the year.

We’ve had a few clear winners of late, but November saw a return to having the vote fairly evenly split across the whole team. Chris P picked up a couple of votes for the following reasons:

“Chris has shown huge progression in his organisation and forward planning, remaining focussed despite numerous distractions and maintaining a solid deadline-driven diary in the face of everything that’s vying for his attention. A stand out month – well done, Chris!”

Another of our web developers, Laurence, also garnered a nomination or two…

His continued persistence and motivation to make every website he works on the best it can be really shows through – including the extra hours he puts in to find the best solutions to problems, instead of taking the easy route and cutting corners!”

Our new digital strategist, Nick, also picked up a couple…

Nick has settled in really well and hit the ground running. He has a calm and pragmatic approach whilst being knowledgable and client focused – he’s slotted into the team perfectly.”

Not phased by being the ‘new kid on the block’, he’s rolled up his sleeves and jumped straight into client management and strategy direction with confidence and enthusiasm.”

Andrew also gave Eren a run for his money…

“His attitude, resilience and the way he supports the rest of the team is what makes Andrew MVP material, not to mention his constant supply of energy and positivity. Top Job.”

Amruta and Chris G also received nominations, but Eren took a hard fought first place with 3 votes…

“Eren never fails to impress, with clear strategies in place for his clients, great communication and rationale behind his objectives, goals and strategies, it’s easy to see why his hard work regularly pays off with great results.”

“Eren has worked exceptionally hard this month and it feels like a lot of the good news we’ve reported to clients has been down to him – pushing hard and really making a difference.”

“It’s inspiring to see Eren’s dedication to his work. He’s clearly enjoying what he’s doing and really cares about achieving the best results for our clients – it’s contagious!”

We’re currently recruiting for a Web Project Manager and Front-end Developers, so if you’d like a chance at the MVP trophy, read the job spec and send us your CV.

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