Yas is September’s Most Valuable Player!

2 min read by Andy Smith 5 Oct 2016

Yasmin MVP

Yas had been with us for just 3 months when she won her first MVP award back in May; skip forward another 3 months and she’s done it again! That’s exactly the kind of consistency we’re seeing in her awesome design work.

It was a pretty close run thing this month to be fair as the voting was spread across the team – a testament to how hard we’re all working. Amruta, our new marketing analyst, received an honourable mention, and Chris G, Andrew, Simon and Sophia all picked up a vote each.

Chris P also got a vote and was mentioned in 2 other nominations as a very close runner-up to Yas. Here’s a flavour of why he was such a strong contender…

“The time, dedication and focus Chris puts into his work is huge and stretches far beyond the 9 to 5. Chris regularly goes above and beyond what is reasonably expected, sacrificing lunch breaks, evenings and weekends to keep projects on track – especially when it looks like we’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. A superb effort that hasn’t gone unnoticed.”

Actually, the voting wasn’t as close as I thought. With 4 votes, Yas was the clear winner. Here’s what people had to say…

“Yas has become much more than just a designer. She’s thinking far more critically about timelines, sitemaps, CRO and UX, and taking ownership over tasks that aren’t necessarily part of her job description. Really good to see.”

“Yas has continued to excel. The quality of her work was already great, but she’s somehow finding ways to improve it further. Always keen to learn and get closer to our clients and their businesses, her commitment to expanding her knowledge is really showing through in the user experiences she’s creating.”

“Yasmin’s attention to detail and the way she’s thrown herself into supporting the development of our internal processes emphasises her role model behaviour. The phrase ‘How you do anything is how you do everything’ has been positively represented by the whole team this month, but Yas’s star shone the brightest!”

I’m sure Yas will be keen to achieve the MVP accolade in back-to-back months, but historic data suggests she’ll be clinching it again in January!

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