Tech Audits

  • SERP analysis report
  • Keyword / phrase analysis
  • Crawler trap removal
  • Duplicate content removal
  • URL / breadcrumb optimisation
  • On-page optimisation
  • Structured data review
  • NAP / local citations
  • Internal / external link analysis
heat map nick

Marginal gains that make a difference.

We typically start with ensuring all your key content pages are easily crawlable and can be indexed by search engines. This involves checking there are no spider traps or content duplication, which can lead to harmful cannibalisation and crawling issues.

amy audit

Next up, we’ll analyse your website’s URL structure to ensure it’s optimised for relevant keywords and SEO-friendly. This leads us nicely onto a thorough review of your page titles, meta descriptions and headings, as well as verification of your robots.txt, .htaccess and sitemap.xml files.

Implementing SEO best practice across your site from the outset ensures we have the best possible base to build upon.