Inside Abbey Road – Website of the Week

Abbey Road

Read why we chose Inside Abbey Road as this week’s winner!

The Google Maps Feel

What strikes us immediately about this website, is the way in which it seems to stay loyal to the Google Maps functionality in the way people explore the site and delve into the world of Abbey Road. Its clever street level function gives new life to the long established iconography of the Abbey Road imagery. Inside Abbey Road maintains considerable aspects of Google’s functionality and interface.

Video Animation

The sites use of animation throughout is an extremely enjoyable aspect of Inside Abbey Road. Moments such as the interactive Mix Your Own benefit from such animations, which help to bring it to life and give the website another extra dimension. This is just another example of the website’s unique functionality and the individualism that really defines it.


The key driving force behind the website is history, in this case the history of perhaps the most famous recording studio in the world. The way information is presented through voice over and the use of graphics makes the most of years of extensive and interesting history in a way that is never boring or repetitive in any way.

Watch Recordings

The recordings that users are able to view remain loyal to the Google Maps style layout, making the action taking place look very authentic and really adding to the unique mystique of the Abbey Road world. This method works to draw people in and include them in their very own Abbey Road recording fantasy.

Off Canvas Menu

The innovative interface of the website is not in any way bothered by a clunky menu function, instead employing the use of an off canvas menu that allows users to focus on the animations and functionality that this website achieves so well. An excellent way to really round off what is a fun and innovative website.

To visit the Inside Abbey Road site, click here.

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