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Reword – Tackling Online Bullying

Reword is a tool aimed at encouraging users – children aged 10-15 in particular – from typing insulting language and putting a stop to online bullying.

The goal of the website is to get users to install the Reword software which crosses out insulting words that are typed with a red line. It can also suggest replacements for the insulting words and shows pop up messages like ‘remember you are talking to a real person’.

The website itself is very stylish, using simple but beautiful responsive full-screen images, backgrounds and videos snapping to the screen as you scroll, which create great impact.

The background videos are very powerful, simply a variety of different children walking towards the screen and crossing out insulting words. This conveys the purpose of the website fairly well and in an engaging way.

The colour palette is also very basic – black, white and red – to really put the emphasis on the red line feature of the software, which is one of their key USPs.

One piece of functionality the site has which is really successful is a ‘Try the Tool’ area. This really helps to convince the user to download the software and (possibly unintentionally) is quite fun to play with.

The desktop breakpoint of the website includes a seldom seen side navigation which is incredibly successful. It is stylish, very easy to navigate through and keeps the important ‘Install’ call to action in constant view.

Another nice feature of the site, found on the ‘get involved’ page is a ‘reword your profile picture’ which allows you to quickly and easily add a red line through your photo, in the same style as the photos seen across the website, thus creating a nice, subtle way of spreading the word about the Reword tool across social media.

There are some nice animations across the site, one of the most prominent being hero text that appears to be being typed in. A nice touch, showing that the main theme of the website is always being kept in mind, right down to the small details.

You can view the website here.

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