Jet Lag – Website of the Week

Jet Lag

Jet Lag

This weeks winner is a beautifully presented photographic website titled ‘Jet Lag’ because it is a site that sets the bar for an innovative way to showcase your photographic works. The site showcases a collaborative project from two photographers who shot in two different places in the world at the same time, they set themselves the challenge to select one shot to take every 30 minutes.

The stunning photographs taken were set in two locations USA and Iceland. How to present the final works would have been a challenge for the developers, to NOT make this site look like a simple slide show. They managed to keep it simple and slick, with minimal transitions, good use of iconography and a clear user journey. The site had to allow breathing space to just enjoy the amazing architectural landscapes.

The beauty of this site is the simplicity, the designers have worked with many of the top brands in the world such as Sony, Coke, Gautier, VW, Microsoft etc. This is a great well thought through site that Axel C and Thomas C must be thrilled with.

You can view the ‘Jet Lag’ website here.

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