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Made By Few

Made By Few – A Colourful Choice

This week’s pick of the week is a colourful choice designed to market – The Conference for Web Makers’. It is clear as soon as you hit the homepage that this is not your traditional tech conference website. The illustrations are what really pull the site together and give it a quirky abstract feel. The colour choice is a strange combination that you would not normally put together. The designer has used the colour palette of Sally Dixons brilliant illustrations as the inspiration and it looks fantastic.

There are so many small details in this site that come to life as you move your mouse around and click through it, such as the abstract shapes that gently float as you scroll up and down.

The tone of voice throughout the site is relaxed and yet professional for example; “If a conference could be a hug, Made by Few would be the warm, welcome kind that makes you feel so good.” And “To call MxF a conference would be massively underselling it. MxF is an immersive celebration of creativity.”

Made by Few was conceived five years ago to inspire designers, developers, creatives, and entrepreneurs in the startup space. Today, MxF continues to carry that torch and has expanded by adding additional activities while highlighting the amazing food, people, culture, and talent across the region.

This is a brave and creative site, it is still waiting to be populated with more speakers and a full schedule of events, however the conference is not until the end of October 2016, so this is a well organised conference planning way ahead, asking you to register early and to put yourself forward as a speaker or to sell your craft.

A great site, I wish that I lived in the south so I could attend!

You can view the ‘Made By Few’ website here.

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