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Sid Lee

Sid Lee Dashboard – A Fun Measuring Tool

We’re very proud to announce the Sid Lee Dashboard is the winner of this week’s competition.

This week’s site is a clever addition to Sid Lee’s main site. A fun measuring tool, the site measures a number of amusing metrics from inside the Sid Lee office including the number of times the toilet has been flushed, the number of goals scored on the table-football and the number of coffees poured. The idea is very quirky, which makes the dashboard a fun place to me.

Simplistic Design

The design has been kept simple with a limited black and white colour scheme and linear cartoons spread across the page. The consistent movement of the page though adds a little dynamism to Sid Lee dashboard, breaking up what could feasibly be a very dull site.

The interactivity of the site allows users to experiment with the appearance of the site and the usage of colour. A simple flick of the switch will swap the distribution of black and white on the site to a negative, both versions are equally striking.

It’s not often we get excited by a one-pager, but this is a really clever idea with some superb execution, so well done to Sid Lee!

You can also view the Sid Lee Dashboard here.

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