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Carlsberg – A Powerful Campaign

This is a fantastic site developed for the brewery company Carlsberg who are leaving no potential marketing stone unturned with this new powerful campaign.  The brand has a commanding presence in the beverage marketplace and we are very familiar with its longstanding campaign “Probably the best larger in the world”, continuing on with this theme they have created a site that demonstrates a finely tuned multifaceted marketing campaign.

The site has been broken into three core sections the first being ‘Football’, with a strong header image and the text “Probably the best Euro in the world”.  Here starts the social engagement with the opportunity to enter a competition to win ‘Probably the best prize in the world’ semi-final tickets – Pick from three possible answers then click on ‘Participate’, this then invites data gathering for re-marketing.

 There is also under the ‘Football’ section a tab for ‘Football Heritage’ this really shows the history attached to the brand. These blog style posts show their longstanding time as one of the biggest suppliers of beer in the world relating to football, these carefully crafted posts and are very much built for social sharing, old photos and interesting reminders of the historic football matches and Carlsberg’s involvement with them. The other tab still under the ‘Football’ section is “If Carlsberg did kickabouts…they would probably be,” leading on to further entertaining videos like if Carlsberg did haircuts, again this is great social outreach.

 The second section Carlsberg Pioneers, the header slider says “ Back in 1845, a young Danish brewer travelled all the way from Copenhagen to Munich to get hold of a special yeast for this beer. His name was JC  Jacobsen and the name he gave to his beat brewery was Carlsberg.  Probably the beginning of a great story”. Then a picture of JC Jacobsen, text over which says “Probably the first Hipster” this section talks about the maker it is playful and interesting, short snippets. This again reiterates the roots of the beer and reminds us of the brand..

 The third sector is “The Art of Making Beer” is informing us of the perfect and secret ingredients that go into the beer, the hops, barley and process, factual and engaging. Here was also an opportunity for Carlsberg to say they are looking at sustainable packaging options and will be bringing out some new packaging #GreenFiberBottle, made from sustainably-sourced wood fibre. The new bottle will be 100% biodegradable, meaning zero waste.

Rounding off this campaign is their ‘Beer Beauty’ section, following the success of their first Beer Beauty series, Carlsberg Laboratories, the Research and Development arm of Carlsberg Breweries, has, together with cosmetics producer Urtegaarden, created a new series of male grooming products: Shaving Gel, Aftershave Cream and Moustache Cream, made from real Carlsberg beer. Each product contains 0.2 l. of freeze-dried Carlsberg premium beer. The new range of shaving products has been specially created in support of Movember and to raise funds and awareness of vital mens health issues.  

This has yet another on brand and brilliantly shot video, they are all shot in a very cinematic way and are really worth a watch.

This is a great site on the warm up to the Euro frenzy that will grip the fans.

You can visit the Carlsberg site here.

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