Vision Passion Action

1 min read by Andy Smith 2 Nov 2013

No Junk Mail

Every business owner at some point made the decision to take ownership of their life, and start the journey in business. Those that excel and realise their ambitions generally have a little luck and a number of key attributes.

Vision, Passion and Action.

  • Vision –Do you have a goal and a vision?
  • Passion – Are you passionate enough to make the sacrifices in order to achieve your goal?
  • Action – Do you have a Specific, measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time based plan?

With some clients it is a simple case of reminding them of the above and refining the plan.

Score your business out of 10 and see where you currently sit.

  • Dreamers – Have Vision & Passion but no Action.
  • Workaholics – Have Passion & Action but no Vision.
  • Mediocre – Have Vision & Action but no Passion.

Whatever stage your business is at it’s not too late to start a marketing strategy and refine than plan.

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