Space Craft for All, Joules & More – Websites of the Week

Spacecraft For All

Every Monday, the StrategiQ Team make their picks as to their top 5 favourite websites of the week.

And the winners are…

1. Space Craft For All

The winner of this week’s Web Top 5 is a very visionary site, and one that is enjoyably interactive. Following the ISEE-3, a spacecraft launched to study the Sun in 1978, the website uses a mixture of animation and real life footage to chart the extraordinary journey of the spacecraft. Using an impressive system of interactivity, users receive a 360 view of the craft and its journey. The animation used in the site is pleasing simplistic, with both the spacecraft and the elements of space placed in the form of line drawings. A real lesson in time wasting, it is easy to see general browsers remaining on the site for some time.

2. Joules

An easy to navigate e-commerce site finds its way to number 2 on the list of this week’s Web Top 5. Joules’ website makes great use of imagery throughout, and benefits from a very consistent structure which works to ensure an easy and useful user journey. Importantly, the site benefits from a fairly muted colour pallet, well bordered by a consistent white space background, even if it is a little too early for the Christmas products to be listed on the homepage. We’re also fans of Joules’ email newsletter.

3. Barclays

A generally simplistic site finds its way to number 3 in this week’s Web Top 5. Barclays’ Business Banking page is gleefully easy to navigate, highlighted by its clean, spacious face, for which a white and blue colour scheme with a bold, highly visible fold work excellently. With user journey becoming an ever more important factor in SEO standards, the Barclays site sets a strong example.

4. Dodo Case

In fourth place for this week’s Web Top 5 is another simple e-commerce site. The colour scheme and textures that populate the page certainly offer a enjoyable touch of class to the brand. The images contained in the product pages are superb, literally telling a story of what you can do with the products as you go along, which creates a nice flow.

5. Dinamo

Clean, minimalistic and fresh, the Dinamo website is a worthy site to round off the list. It’s parallax function and muted colour scheme keep the site simplistic in terms of user experience and the overall presence of the site.

What do you think about our choices, do have a favourite website? If so, we’d like to hear it.

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