StrategiQ Gives Its Backing to Local Boxer Reece Cattermole

3 min read by Andy Smith 3 May 2018

We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring Reece Cattermole, an Ipswich local, in his journey to becoming a professional boxer.

From the moment we met Reece, we were inspired by his story. Now 21, Reece was diagnosed with a genetic hearing condition at the age of three. Although struggling at first to come to terms with his disability, Reece has worked hard and broken down barriers ever since, boosting his confidence and self-awareness in the process.

“I now have more of an understanding of how to deal with challenges when I face them, whether it is group meetings, background noises or judgement,” says Reece. “You learn as you go through life – your experiences are what help you with the challenges you face.”

Inspiring Through Boxing

Reece is quickly becoming a role model for children, especially in the local community, but who inspired him?

“I only have one boxing role model and that is Sugar Ray Leonard,” he says. “He is fast, creative, stylish and unique. He is also an inspiring human being – he was never ashamed of who he is. How he has overcome challenges and what he does for people besides himself is what sets him apart. I have never met him, but I respect him deeply.”

When asked what message he’d like to send to other people in similar situations, as well as children and young adults, Reece said:

“It is alright to be different – no one is born the same. It is alright to fall and fail because you learn more from a loss than a win. There is always a place for everyone and if you can’t find that place you are looking for, then you create that place.”

Family First

Reece is also expecting his first child in August. So, although his first professional fight will mean great things for him on a personal level, it will also mean the world to his partner, Bella Hurren, and their child-to-be.

“Bella inspired me to become the person I am today and gives me the drive to keep pushing to become a better man tomorrow.”

Want a Piece of Reece?

Reece has been in training for the past month and a half and will make his professional debut under Goodwin Boxing Promotions in London on May 19th. He says the fight will make him “physically and mentally on point for whatever challenges I may face.”

Of course, we’ll be there cheering on Reece. If you wish to join us, you can buy tickets here.

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