People Don’t Buy What, They Buy Why

2 min read by Andy Smith 10 Dec 2014

Buy Why

I have always tried to understand why people choose to do business with me, and when I started StrategiQ 18 months ago, ‘The Why’ was always driven by caring as much about my clients business as they do.

Some time ago, I watched Simon Sinek’s TEDx talk and like Simon once you understand Why, How, What, it all makes sense. It also explains why so many businesses struggle with their marketing and why so many new clients I consult with, are frustrated with their results.

The trick is to help clients (sorry, my Business Partners) understand how to look at their business objectively and set their goals. In the world of marketing, the challenge is to consider why we do what we do, and not simply what we do for them. Why do we work with them, what is it that drives us and what do we hope to achieve? Only then can we truly build a strategy that achieve their goals.

“If you don’t know why you do what you do, then how will you ever get people to vote for you, buy something from you, or more importantly, be loyal.”

If you run a business, are planning your marketing strategy for 2015 or want to work with us PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE watch this….

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