4 Tips to Ensure the Perfect Video for your Business

3 min read by Andy Smith 22 Oct 2013

Video Marketing Tips

Many businesses opt to embed a video on their website to give a clear picture of what the brand represents and so visitors can have a closer look at what is on offer. Here are a few tips to point you in the right direction when planning a video for your company website.

Have the right equipment

The right equipment can make all the difference. Although it’s tempting to use a high spec smartphone to film a video, it is recommended to use a professional camera man to film and edit the film for your business. Remember, this video will be a representation of your company and investing in trained professionals will go a long way and future proof your video. They can also ensure that the correct video type is used, looking at details such as ensuring that the video is mobile responsive and doesn’t slow down the speed of your website.

Edit to perfection

Again it is recommended to use a professional video editing company to edit and post your video. Commissioning a professional marketing company, such as Strategiq, will ease some of the stress in ensuring that things are done correctly. As a company video will live on a website for a long time, it is crucial that it be polished to perfection. A good film editor will listen to what you want and make any changes that you feel are necessary.

Create a script

Writing a script for a video that will sit on your site is essential. A little preparation of what you want to be said and practicing to hear how it all sounds can go a long way. Take time to write out your script so you are confident your message is clear. If using a presenter, then ensure they have practiced so that they feel confident when filming and it also allows you to measure if the video is hitting around the overall length you’re going for.

Check your environment

Before inviting a film crew to your chosen video location, it is important to check your environment is right. Location is key as this can turn a great video to one that looks amateur and that would be the last thing you want after all of the preparation. To give the crew a head start, try to ensure you have the following in check:

Good lighting – how does everything appear? Ensure it isn’t too bright or too dark.

Clear sound – Use a microphone that will pick up clear sound, this will also assist when editing audio. Also ensure there is limited background noise as this could affect the overall outcome of the video.

Space – ensure that there is enough room around facilities/ products that you are filming in order to allow different shots and angles.

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