Dos and Don’ts of JavaScript Content Optimisation

2 min read by tom 30 Aug 2018

Javascript Content Optimisation

JavaScript has been a clear focus for technical SEOs over the last year or so – and finally, for the right reasons. In the past, JavaScript used to cause headaches for Google and therefore, could be detrimental to your search results.

Recently, however, we’ve seen a shift where Google is getting more and more able to work with sites that rely more heavily on JavaScript – and as such, it means we can use it with less fear of things going wrong.

That’s not all though – because if we can work with JavaScript more from a web design/development standpoint, then there’s an opportunity to make the most of it for SEO too. As part of my recent experiments, I’ve learned a lot from using JavaScript in this way and from this (and others pioneering this area) I wanted to share some of my top Do’s & Don’ts with you, using slides from my Digital Olympus talk.

Thanks to Alex and Julia from Digital Olympus for letting me share my knowledge with the attendees. I was thrilled to speak along-side some cracking people during the day and it was a great event. There’s another coming up 20th September 2018, so head over to the site to register now.

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