A Beginners Guide to CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation)

2 min read by Ashley Thrower 30 Sep 2013

CRO Beginners Guide

When reporting on the the success of a website’s performance, it is not uncommon for marketers and business owners to place a huge emphasis on measuring traffic flow and the number of page views. Unfortunately, very few marketers take the time to focus on conversion, looking at how to make a website as profitable as possible – this process can also be referred to as Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO.

Ultimately, CRO looks closely at how to convert website visitors to leads, sales and returning visits. Common knowledge tells us that most websites convert around only 2-3% of visits on average. This indicates that, 97% of visitors are not converting but by identifying website behaviour with CRO, there are ways to improve this.
A CRO specialist will be able to look at a website alongside its traffic data and identify if and how it is converting to leads and sales. This is done by looking at aspects from user behaviour to website and content design as well as taking a closer look at details such as how much time is spent on pages and what aspects are being clicked the most. External influences are also taken into consideration.

For example, if a website sells premier league football shirts and the Manchester United shirts are selling less than anticipated, a CRO specialist can look at a number of aspects to identifying why. This could be done by analysing website data and identifying aspects such as a high exit rate, user journey and site navigation. These could lead to a change in design, alternative content or even the addition of further promotion.

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