Content Drives SEO but Also Steers Conversions

4 min read by Andy Smith 3 Aug 2015


Welcome to my second contribution to the StrategiQ Marketing blog, in my last post we were discussing if drunk user testing was the future of SEO. For this edition, I want to look at the role that your website’s content has in driving conversions.

Content for many years now, has been the main foundation in SEO strategy. Why? Generally this is part of a wider link building strategy and or to promote user engagement, which is absolutely right.  However what many don’t entertain is how content cannot only develop your conversion strategy, but also improve it.

The first step in achieving this is identical to any conversion led strategy, what is the end goal? Many will obsess about the action involvement, read more, download a report, join today or buy now.  Content provides the path to get to that particular destination and without it, many users might not get there.

Once you have established this, there is a three-step process to try and follow to get your visitors to convert:

  • Start with the end goal headline – this sounds obvious but making it clear what you want your users to do from the start is vital for a smooth journey.
  • What’s the point  – the most important part. This varies but often one of the ways to do this well is to firstly identify a problem. Then secondly put the problem into a real life context. Thirdly, provide the solution.
  • Back it up – this is the part where you prove that you can practice what you preach. Provide proof and convince.

There are many websites out there that do this very well; the example I would like to use is one of the most competitive industries on the web, car insurance. Below is

Unnamed image (1)

The car insurance landing page is a good example of the three-step process content plays in promoting conversions.

Start with the end goal headline – “Compare cheap car insurance quotes”. Clear, direct and concise. That’s what I’m here for and that what you want me to do.

What’s the point – The short snippet of copy here does this very well. In the title “find you a better deal”. First line, identify the problem “pay over the odds for your car insurance”. Put it into a real life context “motorists discovering loyalty doesn’t pay”.  Lastly provide the solution, “find the best deal for you”.

Back it up – They list four convincing statements to back up what they are saying. “51% of people could save £198”. “Here to help households make the most of their money”. “UK’s #1 price comparison”. “You can compare over 139 car insurance quotes”.

It is also worth mentioning that the testimonials section also contributes to the last point of backing it up. In addition, I can’t help but mention the importance of the call-to-actions here which supports the end goal well. Get a quote & retrieve quotes, but we can discuss the importance of CTA’s another time.

Hopefully this provides some insights into using content to navigate your users to the main objective of your site in general or landing page.

What do you think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. I hope the car driving theme was not too obvious!

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