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Central Magazine Interviews Our Director Andy Smith

Have you ever thought about the dramatic changes to your buying habits recently? Gone are the days of picking up the bulky phone directory to find your favourite restaurants number, or peaking over your fence to see how your neighbour’s new mower is performing. Nowadays, most of us perform a check on a search engine or ask a friend on Facebook to find exactly what we are looking for – and whilst we are there, see what the review sites have to say about it too.

Over the past decade, our shopping habits have evolved as fast as the technology we use. A new purchase or design inspiration can be found, literally, in the palm of your hand. Not just local services, but even when we’re buying a new fridge, or even looking for a dream new kitchen. How many times have you sat with your ipad surfing in the evening with the television and partner in the background?

In December 2013, there was a 19.2% growth in Internet purchases compared to December 2012, the fastest increase in four years. With more and more people posting a recent purchase on Twitter or on Facebook, or even sharing products they would love to buy, we are all being inspired to purchase new products, without even knowing it.

As these consumer-buying habits become the norm, it is essential for businesses to adapt their marketing strategies in order to target audiences in the right way and at the right time. With careful planning and professional guidance, brands can master how to manage online platforms and communication tools guarantee consumer interaction.

Andy Smith, Managing Director and Internet Marketing specialist for Strategiq Marketing, said: “With so many of us now using social media daily, it has become more important to include it in marketing campaigns than ever before. It’s not only beneficial for the brands, but these platforms allow consumers to find the best deals within minutes, whether it be through Facebook, Twitter, a Google search or even a promotional email.

Many of us sign up online because we want to know where and when we can get the best deals, instantly – far from a decade ago, when we would spend hours visiting shop to shop, looking for the best options.” With the market continuing to change, it’s important for businesses and for consumers to keep up to date with the latest marketing trends.

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Andy Smith - StrategiQ