StrategiQ partners with Klaviyo

5 min read by Lauren Boyton 23 Mar 2022

StrategiQ partners with leading email and SMS marketing automation platform, Klaviyo

One of the most valuable assets you can have is an engaged, up to date customer database. The difference between the success and failure of that list is how you deliver personalised, relevant communications to the right customer, on the right channel, at the right time in the customer journey.

An important element of providing a quality marketing service to our clients is for us to work in partnership with leading marketing technology providers. In our latest collaboration, we are delighted to announce that StrategiQ has partnered with Klaviyo, a leading Email and SMS marketing automation platform.

By partnering with Klaviyo, StrategiQ can help particularly our e-commerce clients drive retention, ROI and brand loyalty from their existing customer base while driving customer acquisition and nurturing new customer relationships.

Why Klaviyo?

Klaivyo is a marketing platform that helps forward-thinking eCommerce brands connect with customers, acquire new ones, and use their data to create amazing digital experiences. Klaviyo aggregates all your data from your most important sources (think: your eCommerce platform, loyalty program, website, POS, and much more), in a single, unified place. We empower you to focus on the channels that help you own the full customer experience – e.g. your website, email, SMS, push messaging – rather than being reliant on channels that can require paying a lot, and over which you have little control (like ads and marketplaces).

What benefits can Klaviyo offer our clients?

Klaviyo makes it easy to integrate your systems, with a heavy focus on using data science and machine-based learning to reduce the burden of you finding insights, ensuring that you drive well-timed communications.

StrategiQ and Klaviyo can support clients to deliver powerful marketing across email and SMS, developing long term customer relationships with no annual contracts or hidden fees. You’ll be able to see exactly what’s driving results and motivating your clients, and by using email and SMS you’ll ensure you’re increasing reach, retention and sales.

“A core value at Klaviyo is to always put the customer first and work backwards from there. So, we’re thrilled to align with the StrategiQ team to drive value for our shared customers through products and experiences that improve their lives and speed their path to success!”

Klaviyo works with over 90,000 paying customers, it’s easy to use but also incredibly flexible. From pre-built integrations, to open high-performance APIs, pre-built templates and flow libraries, to build virtually anything you want with the in-product editor and templating language. Klaviyo doesn’t force you into long-term contracts and forces you to guess about what you might pay as you grow, they accommodate month-to-month subscriptions and have transparent pricing.


CRM Experts

StrategiQ are here to help you drive customer success, we’ll work with you to develop your customer relationships through a holistic customer approach. We’ll provide you with an established customer journey that will nurture your customers at every touchpoint in the lifecycle ensuring they receive the right message, on the right platform at the right time. 

By putting the customer at the centre of your marketing strategy, you produce more effective, personalised messaging that increases ROI and decreases customer churn. Our CRM Specialists are familiar with a wide range of CRM technology and Email Service Providers, ensuring we can leverage your technology to make your customer data more transparent across your business, giving you the power to execute integrated marketing strategies that inspire action, build loyalty and establish a sense of community. We support you in putting customer data at the forefront, with a focus on progressive profiling and segmentation, so you’re continually learning and leveraging relevant and up-to-date contact details.

Customers now expect personalised, relevant communications, stay relevant, and ensure you’re delivering timely communications.

“Gone are the days of batch and blast, gone are the days of just talking email. Consumers expect relevant and timely communications delivered to them, whether that’s email, SMS, paid, social or search. Our latest partnership with Klaviyo only strengthens StrategiQ’s objective to ensure the customer is at the forefront of every strategy we deliver. Klaviyo will help us deliver those 1-1 communications to customers, driving stronger relationships and maximising revenue. If you’re not yet thinking about how your platforms are talking to each other, how you’re putting people at the heart of your brand now is the time.”

Lauren Oliver, Senior CRM Marketing Specialist.

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