From our inbox: Our favourite emails this month

6 min read by Lauren Boyton 30 Sep 2021

From our inbox: our favourite emails in August

With more than 306 billion emails sent and received each day (Statista, 2021), the inbox is a busy place to be. Every month each of us receives hundreds, if not thousands of emails to our inbox, that’s why this month we’ve picked our favourite emails we’ve received and shout out those who are smashing email marketing. Here goes…

Patch Plants – post-purchase 

Subject line: Here’s what to expect

Okay, this month I have become slightly obsessed with Patch Plants and their emails don’t help that obsession! From the point I visited the website, I knew it was going to be hard to resist some new house plants. Along came Ken and Julia (yes, they are plant names!) and then came a great post-purchase email. The Patch Plant post-purchase email does it all, it’s slightly on the long side, but I was engaged the whole way through. From first name personalisation through to where to place my plants and cross-selling plant food, watering cans and secateurs! The bottom of the email even encourages me to refer my friend. Needless to say, I’ll be back for more plants with funky names very, very soon! 

Katie Loxton – bank holiday email

Subject line: ENDS MIDNIGHT – win up to 20% off

Gamification is something that works incredibly well for e-commerce sites. I immediately clicked through on this email to see what discount I’d receive. I love how Katie Loxton haven’t overcomplicated this email with product recommendations but have kept it short and sweet with a simple 1 CTA.  Something that Katie Loxton do really well in their emails is their footer, with clean, simple USPs. 

Gymshark – August round-up 

Subject line: Another month bites the dust…

Email marketing in the sports industry is often a busy place to be, but I love the simplicity of this email from Gymshark. It’s a great round-up from the month of August, so if I’ve missed previous emails I get a good overview from this email, from the latest products, new videos and new campaign. Similar to Katie Loxton, I really like the simplicity of the Gymshark template, from a simple navigation at the top of the email that is added again in the footer to the clean USPS and quick shoppable/app links. 

Body shop – Replenishment

Subject line: LAUREN, are you running low on Vitamin E Hydrating Toner?

Body shop emails have always been amongst my favourite, this month it was hard to pick a favourite from this replenishment email to the launch of the Christmas (yes, I said it!) advent calendars. The replenishment email won, because the level of personalisation here is second to none, from the correct product and image to the number of points I have, it’s a great email. Not only that, but Body Shop has used this email to softly cross-sell facemasks to me, promote new services in-store and reassure me that it’s safe to shop back in stores again. It’s hard to miss but the ‘it’s easy to reorder’ link in the top left is a really nice touch also. 

Gousto Street food selection 

Subject line:  Hungry for adventure? 👅

Firstly, this email came at 5:15 pm, the hungriest time of day! As a weekly Gousto user, Tuesday evening is Gousto dinner selection night – the day the new menu comes out and I can pick my meals for the following week, so this email dropping into my inbox at 5:15pm on a Tuesday was prime opportunity for Gousto to try their new Street Food selection. My favourite thing about this email is the imagery, I don’t think I even read the copy the first time I looked at this email. The clear CTAs and menu choice names make it really easy to add them to your menu next week also. 

See full email here 

Boots – eye test reminder

Subject line: Book your eye test today!

A key theme throughout this post has been on personalisation, so what better way to round up than with this ultra-personalised email from Boots. Firstly, I love the countdown timer gif which immediately grabs my attention and the clean easy to read (ironic!) text. The CTAs make it easy for me to rebook and they’ve also pulled in my last eye text date and the due date of my next one. Further down the email, Boots have pulled in my preferred store and reassured me how quick it is to book an appointment by referring to something I do every day, boiling a kettle.

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