Marketing Products with No Existing Search Volume

2 min read by tom 10 Jul 2015

Marketing Products

For those unfamiliar, Moz founder, Rand Fishkin runs a regular Whiteboard Friday talk discussing the latest industry updates, trends and thoughts from the Moz team and the wider digital marketing industry. Moz’s latest offering from their Whiteboard Friday explored how brands market products without a large search volume.

Click to see the Whiteboard Friday session here.

The subject, as explored by Rand Fishkin and the Moz team highlights a common problem, particularly for more niche industries and services. Rand’s solution to the issue effectively repeated one of StrategiQ’s key mantras; It is essential that we understand our clients needs.

The Whiteboard Friday highlighted five key questions.

  • Who is the Target Audience?
  • What Else Do They Search For?
  • Where Do They Go/What Do They Use/To Whom Do They Listen?
  • What Types of Content Have Achieved Broad/Viral Distribution Among This Audience?
  • Should Brand Advertising Be In Our Considerations Set?

And Rand was able to form creative ideas as a response.

Our key takeaway from last week’s Whiteboard Friday was the importance of understanding a brand or service’s industry. Once we identify this and establish a firm understanding, then creative opportunities will present themselves.

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